CWT Advertising incorporated access control to restricted pages - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Do you have private information on your website such as price lists or special discounts? Configure who can see that content

In addition to the website and your shopping cart, in CWT Advertising you can incorporate pages with special information, which are only available for authorized users. Who can see them? How can you manage it? Our team of developers added new features in this regard, which we tell you in this article.

What is a restricted page and what can you include in them?

It is a page whose content can only be viewed by people authorized by the web administrator. You can give it different uses: Price list, instructions or manuals, etc.

To indicate a restricted page, you must select its options, and choose “Make only accessible to registered customers”

When an unqualified user wants to see its content, he will receive the following message:

“To access the content of this page you need the site administrator to enable you”


Does a restricted page appear in the menu?

This is a very common question, and it is good to clarify it. The restricted page may or may not appear in the menu of your website, since this is handled independently, under the option “Add to menu”, or “Remove from menu”. So you can configure it at your convenience.

How to limit access to restricted pages?

First of all you should go to “Configuration-> Basic Information”

There you must activate the last option “Deny access to all current customers”

What happens if you keep it off or “off”? All users who have registered to your website will be able to see those pages.

How to choose which users see restricted pages?

Once you have activated the option explained in the previous point, you can select which contacts or client of your website access these pages, which as we have told you can contain for example a wholesale price list.

Go to “Sales-> Customers”

And in the users that you want to see this information, activate where it says “Access to restricted page”

We hope you enjoy this new functionality, and any questions do not hesitate to write to us