CWT Advertising incorporates integration for GDPR - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

GDPR, or RGPD, is one of the most named acronyms in marketing this year.

Its meaning is “General Data Protection Regulation”, or in Spanish “General Data Protection Regulation”, and is neither more nor less than the name of European legislation concerning the protection in the processing and circulation of personal data of natural persons.

Here we tell you the reason for its importance, and how you can, very easily, adapt your IDEA forms YOUR SITE to comply with the regulations.

Everything you need to know about GDPR!

Why is this year special for GDPR?

The law has been in force since May 2016. But in May 2018, after 2 years of validity, its adaptive period ended, so organizations and companies must comply with it to avoid heavy fines, in addition to reputational damage.

If my company is not in Europe, why should I worry?

Because it just applies to all companies that process personal data of people residing in the European Union, regardless of the location of the company or where the information is processed.

GDPR, a standard in the protection of personal data

On the other hand, due to the massive scope of the law, it has become a worldwide standard for the protection of personal data, and many companies begin to comply with their guidelines, even if they do not have customers from the European Union at this time.

What are the guidelines to comply with GDPR?

The law incorporates concepts such as “Right to Access” (request all the information that a company knows about you), “Right to Oblivion”, in addition to “Explicit consent”, in order to collect information from users.

This last specific point is the one that affects CWT Advertising, more specifically to the contact forms. What is sought is that all those who provide their personal data on the web explicitly confirm their acceptance, and know the purpose for which the information will be used. That is to say, the forms that automatically subscribe to a newsletter become unlawful without you requesting it, or that they make you complete data, and do not know what information will be used for.

How to incorporate GDPR to CWT Advertising?

It is really very easy! Within the components to assemble forms, we incorporate “Acceptance of data use (GDPR)”

Add the “Acceptance of data use”

Drag it to your form, and it will automatically add the option of “Mandatory consent”, including the recommended text to comply with the legislation

How will your form look like?

In addition to the consent check box, the forms will issue a message that says “You must accept our data policy”, so that the user indicates their acceptance.

Is it possible to change the text of GDRP?

Yes! You can choose the text you want, for example to provide more detailed information about the use of the data.

To do this, edit the component, and modify the text we place by default.

I have a detailed privacy policy in my company, how do I incorporate it?

It is also simple!

Click on “Link to Privacy Policy”. There CWT Advertising will allow you to select a page, which you already have armed beforehand. After performing the operation, your form will look like this.

Any questions that arise regarding the implementation of your forms, do not hesitate to write to us!