CWT optimizes your SEO for you 2021 -

Did you know that with CWT’s SEO features it has never been easier to optimize a website for search engines?

Search engines like Google have always been very important traffic sources for web pages. However, more and more I am seeing people move away from SEO as too difficult an area to master. And, in fact, they are right: achieving a good positioning of our website in search engines is not exactly an easy goal.

For this reason, I think you are going to love this way of handling your SEO on CWT websites. This function automatically takes care of most of the tasks related to the positioning of your website in search engines. The tool not only identifies exactly what you need to do to optimize it, but it also shows you how to implement the changes.

CWT SEO Settings

Here is a summary of some of the functions available for Start and Grow subscriptions:

1) automatic SEO

Having access to a host of manual SEO tweaks is great, but having these automated tweaks is even better.

CWT automatically takes care of the most complex SEO tasks. The tool not only tells you to create a 404 page, it even develops one for you. If you wish, you can edit it or leave it as is. The same goes for mobile optimization, URLs, sitemaps, etc. The feature is all-inclusive. Eight ranking factors are at your disposal to keep search engines happy.

2) Keyword optimization

Enter the SEO settings and enter three words or groups of keywords for which you want to optimize the positioning of your website in search engines. Our smart system will then check if these words are being used effectively on your website and provide you with some recommendations.

CWT keyword feature

3) Quick connection to Google Search Console

With a single step, you directly access Google’s powerful SEO tool. Connect your website to their free Google Search Console account and verify ownership of your site. Then you can view your page as the Google search engine sees it as well as optimize it according to your needs.

4) Titles for your page and subpages

To determine the information about your website in Google search results, you can set in just a few seconds the general title of your website as well as those of each of your subpages. In this way, you help search engines better understand the theme of your website.

CWT titles feature

Your SEO as you have always dreamed of. With our tool you save time while you get better results for the positioning of your website. As it should be!

Are you looking forward to trying our SEO tool? So turn your page to Start or Grow now!

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