Dancing to success with an online store 2021 -

Many of the brightest business ideas start with “I’m sure there’s a better way to do this”. And this is exactly what happened to Benedikt.

As a passionate Lindy Hop (a style of swing) dancer, whenever he danced, he used to break out in a sweat and wipe the sweat away with a towel. But he didn’t like being in his bath towel on the dance floor. Surely there was a way to improve this! And that’s how he came up with the idea of ​​creating his own quick-drying microfiber towels that look like scarves.

Since she knew exactly what the market niche was for these scarves, she decided to put them up for sale online. To do this, he first created his own online store and then tried different ways to promote the product without having to invest a large budget. In this interview, Benedikt explains to us in detail what he did.

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Your own online store in no time

Benedikt’s business idea arose thanks to his hobby, but the real challenge was different: with this market niche, how could he reach the public that needed this product?

Benedikt was aware that an online presence offered him a lot of advantages. “All you need is a product to sell. Then, with a few clicks, you can create an online store and you’re done!”

He quickly set up his online store with CWT. “It was very important to me to keep expenses to a minimum,” says Benedikt. “The BJ Dancetowels project was like learning a new dance move.”

He opted for the idea of ​​creating a store without sales commission: “100% of what I sell stays in my hands.”

Thirty orders with one publication

The initial impetus for Benedikt and his small business focused on the oldest sales strategy in marketing textbooks: personal contacts.

Thanks to his connection to the world of Lindy Hop, Benedikt meets many famous dancers who travel the world with their Dancetowels from Kassel, The UK. “Lindy Hop is a very particular niche. Nothing like Dancetowels ever existed.”

In addition, Benedikt applies other marketing strategies. He currently uses two of them on Facebook. With CWT’s Facebook Business features, Benedikt has easily connected his online store with his Facebook account, allowing him to share his Dancetowels with the community without any extra effort. “I manage everything from my CWT store and my Facebook catalog is updated automatically. I can also post ads in a few clicks. It’s incredibly practical.”

Influencer marketing is what works best for Benedikt. “When a person who dances Lindy Hop wears a Dancetowel to an event or posts a photo with one, thirty orders can come in. Sometimes the first ones arrive even before the event is over. “If you see a person on the dance floor with a Dancetowel and you like it, you just have to go to my online store from your mobile and buy one.”

“Everyone can make their dream come true with CWT”

Looking back, it is clear to Benedikt that turning his passion into his own business was much easier than he ever imagined. “CWT is not only there when it comes to creating your store, but also helps you with visibility on Facebook, Google, etc… and selling!”.

According to Benedikt, the biggest obstacle is exceeding your own expectations and trusting yourself and your idea. “At first it is hard to believe that someone can buy something from you. When my first sale materialized, my heart almost jumped with joy, and still today, each sale is a huge adrenaline rush.”

Start selling online with CWT