Definition of Real Time Bidding 2020 -

The paid referencing may seem very easy to use … at first. Like all lines of work in Internet marketing, online advertising has its codes and jargon. Among the fashionable keywords Real Time Bidding is an auction technique which is gaining popularity: to discover to maximize the return on investment of your paid SEO campaigns …

Real Time Bidding: an ultra fast auction

The definition of Real Time Bidding given by Google, the first to have democratized this technique via its Google Adwords platform, is rather obscure. “An automated auction system that gives you control, transparency and a variety of optimization options.” It’s not easy to grasp the interest of this technique when you are starting with paid SEO or simply if you want to understand what your Internet marketing consultant hears when he talks to you about RTB campaign.

This system is used on the display network, a collection of very varied websites that offer advertising space on their pages to the Google Adwords network. These advertising spaces are then purchased by advertisers in Google Adwords. With the Real Time Bidding, paid search advertising has managed to speed up transactions between advertisers and Display Network sites to the extreme.

No endless talks and intensive email exchanges to install a web banner on an obscure blog that links to your site; in a few thousandths of a second, when a web user opens a web page that contains display advertising space, the advertising agency selects the most qualitative ad that could match it and displays it.

Why choose a real time bidding system for paid SEO?

Paid SEO is a bit treacherous: you can quickly waste time and money if you do not master the intricacies. Flooding the web with advertisements can even have the opposite effect and greatly annoy Internet users. On the web, mass advertising is of little interest because not all clicks are created equal, but in the end you will pay for them all in the same way.

Real Time Bidding allows you to specify your action by precisely targeting the profile of Internet users, potentially interested in your products or services, that you want to attract to your site. In Google Adwords it is possible to segment display sites on which you want to appear according to their theme, the section of the site where you want to be visible or even the keywords used there.

Develop a quality paid SEO campaign with the real time bidding system is therefore more complex than it seems. The expertise of companies in their field is not always enough to create online advertising campaigns. It is often more profitable to hire Internet marketing professionals who know the intricacies of Google Adwords.

And you, have you ever tried to create your own paid SEO campaign for your site?