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Why do we like quotes and phrases so much? It is because they synthesize worldviews, methodologies, everyday things. Phrases are perceptions, ideas, and all kinds of mental activity that when written can be shared and fixed for eternity. Poetic, no? haha

Objective of this article, with quotes from digital marketing phrases, is to share knowledge, insights, trends, statistics and many other relevant digital marketing information from professionals, celebrities, gurus and many others related to our digital market. Let’s face it, a lot has been thought of at a time when digital marketing didn’t even exist, but your thinking, the idea behind the phrase is certainly applicable to the everyday life of those who live with the area.

We hope you like it! And also share with the largest number of people, after all, there’s a lot of good on this list.

A big hug!

Digital Marketing Phrases

  1. Branding is not about the slogan and logo. It has to do with the personality of your brand. (Mirna Bard)
  2. Content is King! (unknown author)
  3. If content is King, conversion is Queen. (John Munsell)
  4. Social Media is not about platforms, it is about experiences. (Mike DiLorenzo)
  5. Conversations between consumers in your niche happen, whether you like it or not. Good marketing directs these conversations in the right direction. (Seth Godin, guru)
  6. New marketing is about relationships, not the middle. (Ben Grossman)
  7. It is not a department that manages brand social media, it is the consumer. (Heather Oldani)
  8. Companies that understand Social Media are those that say with their message, “I see you, I listen to you, and I care about you.” (Trey Pennington)
  9. Passion is the fuel of social media. (Jay Baer)
  10. There is no failure. Yes there are 10,000 forms that do not work. (Thomas Edison, inventor)

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