Digital transformation of companies know the brakes 2020 -

For many companies, digital transformation seems as necessary as it is painful. We can very well know that digitalization is a step not to be missed and still delay in implementing it. There is no shortage of brakes for business leaders, regardless of the size of the structure and the sector of activity. Very often, digital transformation is considered too complicated, too expensive, too stressful. In truth, it is not. Expert word! It’s just brakes. And they may have blocked your progress for a long time. It is therefore time to take stock of these brakes to better lift them. This is the whole purpose of this article …

Digital transformation: too complex?

Let’s start with a number: 34% of SME / ETI managers identify complexity as the number one obstacle to the digitalization of their business, according to a study carried out at the end of 2017 by BpiEngland.

For a company that has not yet started its digital transformation, we can understand that this completely foreign universe is a source of concern. And that, in the imagination of these leaders, this is a complex operation. This may be your case.

In reality, the digital transformation of companies is becoming easier. Quite simply, because many have been there before you. They wiped the plaster and encountered the difficulties, but also found the solutions! Today, it is enough to be inspired by the path of businesses similar to yours. Once you are well informed and well surrounded, you will see that digitalization is not scary or complex.

It is a process to be applied, a project to be carried out.

Instead, see digital transformation as an opportunity. It will mobilize your entire company, all your employees and change your habits.

It’s an opportunity to renew and improve.

No internal skills? It is not serious !

If many companies are reluctant to start their digital transformation, it is also because they do not currently have trained personnel to implement it. Lack of internal skills is a brake for many leaders.

But in fact, lacking employees with the necessary skills makes perfect sense in your case. Why would you have web and mobile developers, a community manager, a digital marketing specialist or even a digital data analyst in your teams Are you at the zero stage of your digitalization?

So it’s a brake that you can easily lift. You can approach agencies like Royal Cyber that can help you in your digital transformation. These experts can study your business and implement the right tools and solutions to digitalize your company for better growth.

What budget for digitization?

One brake you probably face is the financial issue. Many executives believe that they lack the financial resources to begin their digital transformation. Others fear that the investment is too large in relation to the results of this process. And it is easy to understand why this is scary, because the digitization of a business takes place over several years.

The financial commitment over time is enough to cool more than one manager.

If this is your case, know that you do not have to invest pharaonic sums. You can very well go in stages and only finance one project at a time. For example :

  • Start with digital tools internal to the company;
  • Then create a website;
  • Then a mobile application;
  • Then define and implement a digital marketing strategy.

This will allow you to control costs and understand each change before moving on to the next.

Exterminate your resistance to change

No matter how much you want to start the digital transformation of your business, that does not mean that you welcome all changes with open arms. It is perfectly normal to be afraid of change. This is certainly your case and that of your collaborators, your employees.

But fear is made to be confronted.

That you are afraid of the change that digitalization implies does not mean that it should not take place. This means that you have to do everything to make these changes as welcome as possible. For the manager, this requires assertive leadership and good information from all departments.

Involve all your employees, act with pedagogy and the digital transformation of your business will go smoothly.