Does the ideal customer really exist? -

We are often told about the ideal client, but it is a concept that deserves to be questioned. Not that there is no client with whom it is pleasant to work, but rather that it is we who create our “ideal” client with our requirements, the affirmation of our values ​​and working methods. The ideal client therefore depends in part on our ability to assert ourselves. Asserting yourself as an entrepreneur is therefore the key to working with pleasant clients. And here’s how you can make it happen!

I – Do you want to work for clients in a hurry?

A customer in a hurry is often not an organized customer. Its urgency is therefore relative.

A few days ago, I was talking to a client who was receiving more and more “urgent” requests.

Out of guilt and fear of lack, my client accepted them over and over again. But in the end, his schedule filled up to the point of becoming unmanageable. And the worst part about it was that she didn’t like working for this type of request.

We therefore laid the foundations of my client’s business model flat, under the prism of her values: who did she want to work with?

Once the profile was defined, my client made the decision to stop accepting urgent requests, and succeeded in asserting herself: from now on, she will only work with her “ideal” clients, namely clients who respect her job and wish to work with her, and not another. She has also decided to choose the projects that stimulate her.

So of course, my client’s cash flow allows her to be more selective, but in the end, the results were not long in coming:

  • She continues to have a flow of repeat customers;
  • But the new projects that come to him are more stimulating projects.

Hazard ? I don’t think so, I believe in energies 😉

If your cash flow does not allow you to turn away these rushed customers, start by charging them more., which will increase your cash flow and your perceived value at the same time!

But the conclusion of this anecdote is that a customer in a hurry will not necessarily choose a provider for his personality or his approach. He will choose it for its ability to deliver quickly.

And my opinion is that a customer in a hurry is often not an organized customer.

So the question is: do you want to work for this type of client?

It’s up to you to answer this question 😉

If you answer in the affirmative, another issue will titillate you: what to do when you find the right client for an ideal project, but now is not the time?

Have you ever run into a good customer, but in a bad time?

This is what happened to the same client who was overwhelmed with work, and who could no longer take a new request.

So how do you deal with this delicate situation?

Several options are available to you :

  • You can accept the request while taking the risk of sacrificing your pro / personal pace of life;
  • You can offer the client a deferred start of the mission, taking the risk that he refuses;
  • You can delegate the mission to a partner through a business provider contract. This will keep your client from feeling abandoned.

Today, the clients my client chooses to work with are clients who are willing to wait a few weeks or months to work with her, in particular.

There is no perfect solution, but I have a firm belief that if it’s the right client, your collaboration will happen, but maybe later. Don’t sacrifice everything for a customer, because a balanced collaboration invites concessions on both sides.

In addition, on the energy level, you risk manifesting the lack.

If this is the right client, trust the time 🙂


The ideal customer does not exist in absolute terms. It is you who create the conditions allowing you to attract customers in line with the values ​​you advocate. Since I imposed myself, I no longer have time-consuming clients, because I have decided to only work with clients who are stimulating, flexible and who adhere to my communication. Therefore, these clients are in no hurry, because they want to work with me, for my personality beyond my services. Today, I have contributed to the creation of my ideal clientele, thanks to the assertion of myself, and of an authentic personal branding strategy.