Driving Digital Change In Business 2020 -

Digital is everywhere: companies know this well and understand that it is important to integrate it into their activity. If all companies do not have an activity that is undergoing a digital transformation, this can occur in the support functions. This digital change appeals to many companies, but how can it be done?

The digital change of support functions

The digitization of accounting

Accounting is not an innate task for all entrepreneurs, many companies, especially SMEs, use accounting firms to take care of their accounting and taxation. Companies can see this to learn more about what accounting firms can do for them.

Training & Co'm

However, digital change can be applied in accounting, thanks to remote accounting solutions: a company can therefore use remote accounting services or even use accounting software.

While having to rely on the expertise of an accountant, digital solutions can simplify tasks that do not amuse all entrepreneurs!

This type of solution also exists for tax tasks.

The digitalization of HR functions

If nothing can replace a physical interview with a candidate, the members of a human resources service can use digital technology to diversify the activities related to this service. In the case of hiring, many companies set up workshops where digital can have an important place, via scenarios using software, or questionnaires to be completed in a digital format.

In addition, digital change is appearing more and more in the field of training, via what is called e-learning. Training available in digital formats, it differs from more expensive face-to-face training and involves more absence from the office and therefore less active working time for employees.

Digital training also allows better monitoring of training and results for those trained, improving the quality of training in the long term.

Finally, the digitalization of human resources functions is also part of the creation of intranet sites in companies, bringing together information related to the presence, competence and even pay of employees, who can thus find everything that they search in the same place and spend less time asking questions of the service concerned.

Digital change has a significant advantage: an increase in the productivity of the employees concerned!

How to successfully manage digital change?

To properly manage digital change, it is important to treat this change as a long-term project. Your support functions will not be able to digitize in a few days, so you must be patient and follow the project to properly orient it towards the objectives defined at the start of the project. In addition, like any project, digital change involves incremental costs that should not be overlooked.

If the digital transition often has the advantage of reducing costs, this advantage will only appear a priori as a second step: be patient!
In addition, good management is a crucial ally in any phase of change: make sure that all employees are integrated into the digital transition and that information circulates among those concerned.

If you want to follow a top management solution, the hierarchy will have to start the digital change, before having it adopted by the employees, in order to set the example and be able to respond to questions and fears.

Like any transition, digital change involves sacrifices and time, but this can be a major change and very interesting for the support functions of your company: think about it!