Pinterest has become more than ever a must-see destination and a №1 trend for e-commerce. The platform has also just launched new shopping features …

A smooth shopping experience

Fun and discovery, that’s what e-commerce on Pinterest will now provide. Beyond a simple transaction, this complete shopping experience is now possible thanks to new optimized shopping functionalities launched by the platform in The United Kingdom, The UK, Australia, and Canada.

It now offers new tools optimized for e-merchants:

  • Shopping Spotlights highlights trendy content selected by experts to discover new brands and products. The proposed experience is similar to that of a flip-through magazine;
  • Buy from Search in the search results contains only Product Pins (purchasable). It facilitates the purchase of products in stock from different traders and brands when searching for terms;
  • Buy your Painting allows you to directly buy the products recorded in the tables, via a new special shopping sub-table. This offers Product Pins corresponding to the saved Pins;
  • Buy with Lens allows you to find products through visual search, photographing what inspires with the Pinterest camera and then launching a visual search;
  • Buy from a Pin identifies products on the Pin using category and point labels, using Pinterest’s visual search technology;
  • Pins Products improves the close-up experience on Product Pins with additional information (shipping directions, customer reviews) to help users make purchasing decisions on Pinterest;
  • Shopping List allows you to find all the Product Pins saved on Pinterest in one place and displays key information (price, reviews and delivery).

Pinterest, an essential e-commerce destination

Since the incredible boom in online shopping in 2020 and new e-commerce trends, Pinterest has become more than ever a must-see shopping destination. The platform is also a №1 trend for e-commerce.

According to internal Pinterest data released in May 2021:

  • Users are 7 times more likely to purchase products registered on the platform;
  • The interaction between the number of users and shopping areas has increased by more than 200% over one year.

Pinterest provides a complete, simple and smooth customer experience from any Pin for users. For e-merchants, these data must be taken seriously into account in their e-commerce strategy.

Source: Pinterest