Edit your photos from your website! 2021 -

Say goodbye to complicated photo editing tools! Now you can upload your images to your website and edit them there directly. Our new image editor allows you to easily customize your images to give them a professional touch and adapt them to the style of your business. Edit, crop, illuminate … all without leaving your website.

CWT Image Editor

Image editing has always been one of the most requested features, so we are excited to introduce you to everything you can do with the new image editor.

advice: Select an image from your web page, click the button Edit and start retouching the photo directly from your page.

It also works perfectly on mobile devices. If you take photos with your mobile and then upload them to your website, you can cut them out and retouch them right there. An ideal way to get great images without having to use any additional apps!

Has something different occurred to you and you want to make a small change? You don’t have to reload the photos or use a different editing program. It is all integrated into your website within the Image Gallery.

We also love the effects and filters that you can add to your images, Instagram-style (because it honestly makes us all look like professional photography). You can also crop images, adjust colors, and much more.

Tips for editing photos

Focus on the main topic. Try cutting out all the unnecessary background space from the image so that the emphasis falls on your product, a person, or that vacation destination you’re trying to sell. This will give your website illustrations a more professional look.

Test and test. Take a look at how the images look on both major browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and mobile devices, to ensure they look great on all platforms.

Check the size of the photo. If you don’t know what the pixel size of your photo is, you can find out from your computer by right-clicking on the image file, entering “Properties” and then the “Details” tab. On a Mac, simply right-click on the file, select “Get Info,” and then click “More Info.”

Focus on the right elements

Make sure your clients don’t miss the main message of the image, regardless of their screen size. The focus point guides your visitors towards the most important of the image, eg your product, the equipment or a special detail of the work that you want to highlight. Our Focus Point tool allows you to align the background images as well, so that important elements are not hidden behind the content or navigation menu.

Test it. Select the image and then click on the “Set Focus Point” icon below to choose which part of the image you want to grab the visitor’s attention. This works for any type of photography and you don’t need Photoshop or any other additional tools.

CWT's Focus Point lets you highlight a specific element in a photo
Use the Focus Point to highlight an element of your photo

Isn’t that cool? Because words are blown away by the wind, the best way to get to know the new image editor is to log in and try it now.

You already know that including professional and high-quality photographs is very important for your website and your brand. Now it’s even easier to get the look you want without the need for special tools or software.

For more photo tips, check out our great stock photos in the Image Gallery and read our how-to guide on how to optimize photos on your website.