Editorial SEO the key to success in boosting the audience | CWT Advertising & Co'm 2020 -

There is no point in being referenced if you are not interesting. In the SEO shallot race, many believe they are leading because they appear well placed on the pages of response to requests. Sure, it’s a beautiful trophy!

But at the end of the day, what does it do for them? Not much in fact. If no one clicks on their link, they can still keep their chocolate medal.

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No, the goal of any SEO is for the potential visitor to come to your site.

Don’t just be visible, be attractive!

For that, of course you have to be visible, but above all you have to be attractive. Now is the time to show off your writing skills.

You have 3 major cards to play:

  1. the SEO title : it has a maximum of 70 characters, enough to write a catchy and appealing title, by dragging the words you need. The SEO title can be different from the page or post title.
  2. the meta description : a short text, the first two lines of which are visible (156 characters maximum), to engage your future reader / visitor.
  3. the permalink : which you will replace the name of your page, with its path, by a slogan of 3-4 words.

Here, no question of incantations to decipher the algorithms, just a little talent for writing and common sense.

An example ?

  1. An SEO title with a catchphrase and keywords: Editorial SEO is a great asset for boosting the audience | CWT Advertising & Co’m
    The title is short and impactful (it can be easily taken up on social networks; it includes the words SEO (not very divisive), editorial (attractive) and audience (which associated with SEO promotes ranking); finally, the reference to CWT Advertising & Co’m, traffic provider
  2. A meta description, the first two lines of which will be taken care of: Three levers to activate as a priority to promote the audience of sites and blogs. The weight of words and the strength of sentences to increase click through rates. What journalists call the chapô: a way to engage the reader, to encourage him to read, in short, to contract with him; On the Internet, this is what will condition the click. You can play on the emotional, the factual or the challenging.
  3. A shortened permalink that plays a reminder and identification role: SEO editorial. Simple, short and factual, it reinforces the concept presented.

In the content itself, you have a choice.

You have at your disposal of other levers, which can be used in order to appeal, to arouse an interest or quite simply to offer another reading opportunity

  • the typographical devices: uppercase, bold, italics, font size, pictogram, symbols, etc.
  • elements of staging: subtitles, reminders, insert, insert, text in quotes like verbatim, etc.
  • enrichment: links, multimedia, photo, illustration, …

SEO is first and foremost a matter of words and phrases!

In the end, never forget that, whatever form your content takes, it is above all the content that will condition performance. An editorial strategy (to whom I speak, what do I mean, how to say it) is the starting point of any SEO and qualified audience policy.