Email marketing, how to master it in 8 steps? 2020 Guide -

Email marketing is a simple and necessary means that will allow your business to communicate with potential customers and promote your products and services. In addition to being direct and efficient, email is also very flexible, which would allow your company to try different strategies for your marketing campaigns. Here are some tips to put in place in order to master email marketing …


1. Build a network of potential customers

From a marketing point of view, the establishment of a solid contact network should be one of your top priorities. For a new business, it is essential to build a list of valuable contacts who will be genuinely interested in it.

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The key thing to remember when building your network is quality rather than quantity. Try to identify the contacts who will be interested in your business and who are more likely to be interested in your emails.

Include a registration box on your website! A person who has consciously made the effort to register is a track with great potential.

2. Write a good copy of the email marketing

In the second step, it is important that your emails can make a good impression on customers who do not yet know your brand. That means you have to pay extra special attention to spelling and grammar, as well as the tone of your email messages to spread a good image of your brand.

For small businesses, it’s best to adopt a friendlier, more inviting tone to help connect with new customers. Let the personality of your young company show through in your marketing emails. Indeed, this will give readers an idea of ​​who you really are.

A good text is also essential in the subject of your email. Avoid “spam” topics, as they could cause your email to be ignored or sent to the “spam” folder. Words like “free”, “win”, “money”, or the use of capital letters and excessive punctuation are prohibited.

3. Perform A / B tests

For a whole new business, it can be hard to find a marketing style that works.

Therefore, email marketing is a good thing, because you have the opportunity to test different ideas until you have found the perfect formula. This is where A / B testing can be very useful.

Whether it’s a subtle change like the size of the logo or background color, or a more radical change like the subject line or the introductory text, testing both variants with your mailing list is a great way to see what works and what doesn’t. You could, for example, duplicate your master model and make as many different versions as you want to test them on clients.

4. Include a clear call to action in your email marketing

A common business mistake is to create an amazing email design, but forget to make the call to action clear to readers. Without it, your email marketing will not reach its full potential, as readers will not be able to take the next step.

You can use a call to action button to encourage your customers to: visit your website, download your software, subscribe to your social media page, read a blog post, and much more …

There are many ways to create it. The main tips to keep in mind are: :

  • Make sure the text is short and concise;
  • Use a color that stands out in your drawing;
  • Make sure the font is bold and legible;
  • Make sure all the links are correct before sending your email marketing.

5. Working as a team

For all companies, the relationship between team members is a key factor in your success. In the early stages, in particular, everyone should be able to share their opinions and ideas regarding email campaigns.

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All members of the team need to agree on the design and content of email marketing in order to reach as many people as possible.

6. Focus on transactional emails

The transactional emails are the most common types of emails your business will send to customers and consumers. They cover all types of emails such as order confirmation and shipping emails, and generally contain the information your customers find most useful.

Treat your transactional emails with the same importance as any other sales campaign. They represent your start-up at the operational level and must be clear and efficient and are very useful for carrying out your email marketing strategy.

7. Encourage referrals and testimonials to carry out your email marketing campaign

As a new business, much of your success will depend on the willingness of your early customers to recommend you to others. Before your brand takes hold, you will find yourself highly dependent on your customers’ recommendations and positive testimonials to attract new customers.

You can use email marketing as a way to encourage existing customers to share their experience with your company’s services and products. Many brands set up referral programs that encourage customers to recommend you to those around them in exchange for a discount, for example.

8. Analyze your performance in order to improve it

Last but not least, a business should always strive for improvement.

Using tools like Google Analytics to analyze the performance of your marketing emails is very useful. Indeed, Google campaign tracking links are easy to generate and are a great way to see how one link (call to action seen above as an example) has been clicked against another.

Go to Google Analytics to analyze the individual performance of your links. You can then use this data to determine the content and design that best suits your future email campaign.

Therefore, it is necessary to use Google Analytics to track links, analyze performance and improve it for the future.

We hope you found this guide useful and that you will consider using these tips for your email marketing campaigns.