Email Marketing Trends 2017 2020 -

What if your email became your best seller? What if this salesman were automatic and intelligent?

Understanding 2017 Email Marketing trends is surely the key to successfully executing digital marketing and inbound marketing strategies.

After all, email marketing is the best selling media on the Englandian internet. According to a recent study, email marketing has a conversion rate of 2.53% (a great number).

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We have great tips based on experts from around the world:

Email Marketing Trends 2017

  • Combination of user behavior x Data Scientist it must be even bigger. To send the right email at the right time to the right person.
  • Metrics will go far beyond the opening and clicking.
  • Tracking (data tracking and user behavior) must be further advanced to trigger email marketing with millimeter accuracy.

Imagine this practical example: How much would you sell if visitors to your business closing page received a sales letter email when they returned to page 3x the same day?

  • Leads qualified for strategic automations will need more than just email, job title, phone and so on.

Which pages did he visit the most? What he likes? What’s his age? Where does he open the emails?

  • Email marketing design will no longer be customized.

It should become increasingly automatic based on templates that are adjusted according to A / B tests and their conversion rate.

  • Mobile payments can come true and it will flood your persona’s mailbox.

Importance of Email Marketing

Many people say the email is dead and there is no way to make a winning strategy for this channel. Then come prophets pointing to Ads and Adwords, among others as better channels for customer acquisition.

The answer: It depends on your audience. Email is one of the few channels that your company will have full control of the tool. Email is yours, not from Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn.

For many companies, one of the biggest trends in Email Marketing is its strengthening. The following video talks exactly about these companies, check it out:

Automation: No More Email Marketing Trend

A lot of people still think about emails only moments before sending it. Automating email flow to communicate with customers is something that goes out of the minds of many entrepreneurs, but it should be one of their first marketing concerns.

Email Marketing Automation It’s a way of communicating with your customers at a frequency that is comfortable for them.

It is a business necessity in the age when the buying process becomes increasingly personalistic, interactive and educational.

Basically, you need to draw streams – email sequences – to be triggered by automation tools like RDStation and Pipz.

Then, just produce the emails and configure them according to the flow drawn (style the image on the side). Then just let them communicate, relate and share relevant information about your area, your products, services, all automatically!

email marketing automation flow Click to view full size image.

Email automation is one of the basic principles of email Inbound Marketing.

It’s a way of not only selling, but making sense to your customers and prospects.

Email Marketing Trends Conclusion 2017

You don’t have to master these advanced techniques. However, if you do not have a partner who is a Digital Expert, your business may lose market share.

After all, someone will enjoy the flow of digital opportunities for you. And it’s never too late to start relating well with your customers.

If you need help to stop surviving but actually sell more in 2017 with a fixed knowledge methodology technician and strategic, contact us.

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Sources: Campaing Monitor and Udacity.

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