Emailing: how to improve your click-through rates? -

Creating an emailing campaign is a great idea! It is a way to deliver content to your subscribers or customers and to maintain communication with them. However, it is not enough to send them emails or newsletters to elicit some action on their part. You may have noticed that the results of your campaigns are not as conclusive as you would have hoped. This is why it is essential to work carefully on your emailings before sending them! Without this, it will be difficult for you to get your recipients to open your emails and then click on the links offered inside them. Would you like to know how to improve your open and click-through rates? Here are some tips for more efficient emailing …

Be impactful, clear and enthusiastic in your hook

Your catchphrase (or the subject of your emailing) must be carefully considered. It’s simple, you have to find the magic formula that will make your recipient want to open the message. To do this, choose a short topic. The shorter your hook, the more impactful it will be. But that’s not the only reason: indeed, depending on the webmails, the objects are more or less truncated (Gmail and Yahoo display 77 characters when LaPoste only displays 45, for example). Then, be clear in your words: your readers must understand what the content of the emailing or newsletter will be at a glance. A trick that works well: integrate emojis! These make the texts more visible, more attractive and make you want to linger.

Create a sense of urgency in the recipient

Do you have a promotion to communicate? Event ? A deadline? This information must appear in the subject of your emailing. By putting in the “important” items, you will create a sense of urgency in your recipient. He will then have only one desire: to open the email you sent him. If possible, try to put this information at the beginning of the subject line to prevent most of your teaser from being truncated by certain webmails.

Ban forbidden words from your items

Certain words should be avoided in email subject lines. Indeed, the messaging providers closely monitor the famous “spam words” such as “free”, “urgent”, “promotion” (…) and the list is long! If you still want to put them in, the risk is that your emailings will go into the spam emails of your recipients. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of part of your audience!

Send your emailing at the right time

For the success of an emailing campaign, timing is important. In addition, studies have been carried out on the subject. You will find a lot of numbers and analyzes on the Internet, although these statistics are different from site to site. Do not hesitate to compare them and do some tests on your side. As part of a marketing automation campaign with regular sending of emails, it is essential to also work on the time lapse between each sending or action on the part of your prospects or customers. The right dosage will allow you to obtain conclusive results, without tiring your audience.

What are the tips for getting people to click afterwards?

Provide easy-to-read, self-explanatory content

Has your recipient opened your email? This is a great thing. But the work doesn’t stop there. Your content must be able to hold his attention: be explicit in your words and offer a text that is pleasant to read. Say goodbye to spelling and syntax errors or even big blocks of text, at the risk of tiring your readers. Then, bring them smoothly towards the initial object of the emailing: participation in an event, the launch of a new offer, etc. Do not hesitate to take an interest in copywriting: writing using this method will allow you to capture the attention of the people who read you for longer.

Remember who you are and what you do

Between each communication, your audience may have forgotten who you are and what you do. Sometimes people leave email addresses and no longer know why we write to them several weeks or months later. To do this, introduce yourself briefly, at the beginning or at the end of your message. The person reading you should make the connection between who you are and the content you are sending them. If your prospects recognize you easily and trust you, they will be much easier to convert into buyers.

Integrate one or more call-to-action in the email

Once you have obtained a coherent, clear and direct text, you can then insert Call-to-Action (CTA) in your emailing. CTAs are quite directive (“subscribe”, “subscribe”, “download”, etc.) but they are the ones that will bring your target to the desired result. It is therefore imperative that these elements in the form of buttons or hypertext links are clearly visible in order to encourage clicks. Indeed, the more people you will have who click, the more you will increase your chances of conversions.

You now have everything in hand to create beautiful emailings that will incite action! But don’t forget: just because you failed on a first campaign doesn’t mean you will fail in the following ones. Just take the time to analyze, test, and you will certainly find the best combinations to boost your open and click-through rates!