Emoji, Space Jam, Facebook reactions: the new features on Messenger -

Facebook has announced a few updates to Messenger that make it easier to find the exact emoji you are looking for when you react to the message … It offers a search bar for emojis, but not only …

An emoji search bar

After launching Soundmojis, Facebook added a new feature to access emojis faster in Messenger chats. The social network offers a new emoji search bar at the top of the emoji selection panel, which will allow users to quickly find the emoji they want to add by entering a search term.

Rather than having to browse through the tiny images on the screen, you can enter a keyword search and get what you want even faster.

A new section “recent reactions”

Facebook has also added a new “Recent Reactions” section to the Facebook Reactions Picker, for emojis that you use regularly, but haven’t quite made your list of most important reactions.

Facebook added its customizable emoji quick reaction bar, which highlights the top five emoji reactions you picked from the feed, last September. The new list will complement this with other regularly used responses.

A new “Space Jam” background

If you’re a die-hard “Space Jam” and old-school fan, Facebook is offering to try their brand new Space Jam chat theme, available in Messenger and Instagram.

So these are new ways to spice up your discussions. The additional emoji options can especially help you save time when you chat on Messenger.

Source: Facebook Messenger