End clap for the Twitter Fleets! -

After only less than a year of existence, Twitter announced that it was withdrawing Fleets, its version of the Stories format…

The functionality will disappear in a few weeks …

After being launched barely eight months ago, Twitter’s “Fleets” feature, the stories-type format, will disappear from August 3 due to its low usage.

As explained in their blog , on November 17, 2020, Twitter launched the Fleet tool with the idea of ​​providing a way for users of this social network to express their most fleeting thoughts without the pressure of their final posting in the public conversation of the platform.

Likewise, this new tool should help expand the Twitter community, which is lagging behind other social networks such as Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and even LinkedIn. However, this innovation did not achieve its mission and this was acknowledged by Twitter’s product manager, Ilya Brown:

“We thought Fleets would help people feel more comfortable joining the conversation on Twitter. But by the time we made it available to everyone, we didn’t see the increase the number of new people joining the conversation via Fleets that we expected ”

Twitter is in a process of evolution

Twitter’s new “Spaces” feature will now occupy the top of the Twitter timeline. The social network has clearly indicated that it is in a process of evolution, marked by the arrival of other new features, such as Spaces – ClubHouse’s competitor to follow the trend of voice chat – and more recently Twitter Blue. This is its paid subscription solution that offers users new and exclusive tools like the ability to cancel tweets.