Engagement in social networks. What is it, what is it for and how to achieve it? - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

As from time to time, it seems that certain words become fashionable and one reads them in thousands of publications, specialized blogs and even print media. For some time, the word “it” that managed to sneak into our usual vocabulary is “Engagement”

And with engagement we not only refer to its literal translation of the English language that represents “commitment”, but for marketeers and social media fans, Engagement is the ability of an individual or organization to establish strong and interactive links with its audience.

To achieve a good presence in the media 2.0 it is essential to have the active participation of our fans and followers. For this we must plan strategies that encourage and stimulate communication between the brand and a particular person. The challenge, then, is to link our business to positive emotions in our fans such as loyalty, satisfaction, shared values ​​and a sense of permanence.

These measures, previously analyzed and available to implement them, are also part of the engagement concept, and are of vital importance to manage successful social profiles and promote specific personal branding or landing page.

What is the Engagement for?

To unite, create links and cross the barriers of virtuality turning a fan or follower into an important member, a friend and a person with interests, feelings and thoughts that he chose to be linked to our company through the message we transmit daily.

Why is the role of the Community Manager important?

Hence lies the important and vital work of the Communitiy Manager since upon him lies the exciting task of interacting and attracting the attention of our community increasing trust, detecting business opportunities and making a difference with the competition.

There is no use for a professional who simply posts blog updates or advertising messages. The function of the CM is much broader and deeper. You must have a panoramic view of the audience changes, tastes, preferences and above all have an active listening to the claims and a creative execution in relation to the publications.

In short a CM is the person who shapes our brand in social networks.

What are the key metrics of the Engagement?

  • The reactions (like, love, etc)
  • Comments, both in quantity and quality.
  • The “Share” of your publications
  • Video views
  • Direct messages received
  • Retweets

Engagement vs Bots

It should be noted that currently Community Managers increasingly use bots that act as real people, to increase the number of followers, I like it, or even get automated comments. In the case that you use them, you must obviously differentiate the actual engagement from the bots for your metrics. Keep in mind that Instagram has announced that it will eliminate users purchased as we told you last November, although so far there have been no great advances in this regard.

How do you improve engagement?

  • Define a plan, you can go deeper into “Social Media Plan 2019: tips to make your customers fall in love”
  • Surprise and creativity to the order of the day.

  • Fluent and entertaining dialogue with our followers.
  • Keep in mind the latest features of social networks and use them, such as the countdown in Instagram stories.
  • Use attractive words that invite reading.

  • Really connect with people. Humanizing social media is of great value to a brand.

  • Alternate relevant information, with humor, games, trivia and other actions that stimulate conversation and exchange of ideas.

  • Use but do not abuse the “Call to action”

  • Transmit the values ​​of your brand or business.

  • Make good use of influencers, and avoid fraudulent
  • Share the success and give your community the opportunity to apply for job vacancies.

  • Generate satisfaction surveys once a year to find out what should be improved.

  • Give preferential treatment to your community, giving them an exclusive discount or inviting them to an event.

  • Always keep in mind that having a presence on the Internet is a form of communication that becomes commercial opportunities, it is not direct marketing or a sales channel.

Rather than being in social media and networks, the premise is the quality of content and the participation of our readers. How my brand generates commitment to the community in Social Media is where all eyes and efforts should really point.