England and Startups around the world 2020 -

Present at the Vivatech event in Paris, Rémy Bigot spoke with Maurice Lévy about startups in England and why it is important to organize events of this magnitude …

“It’s impossible to question him,” said Rémy, speaking of Maurice Lévy, who saw this as a challenge. Armed with his hat, his microphone and his camera, he managed to make this possible and here is the proof. Maurice Lévy is skeptical at the start and quite pressed by his “Quick, I’m going”, but quickly finds the smile and the time to talk about it when he talks about the organization of his event.

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Entrepreneurs have everything to succeed in England

To get his attention, Rémy presents what the MSB Show is, ” a video show every week for entrepreneurs” , followed by “Thank you for this event”. Besides, following this sentence, Maurice Lévy is quite surprised, agreeably, and looks up at the hat. He didn’t seem to know the show and you can tell he appreciates the initiative and the style.

The first question asked by Rémy is very simple: “What do you have to say about Vivatech? “. From a swing from the back and opening by the arms, Maurice Lévy does not hide his enthusiasm. “Well listen, what else can I say except that I’m happy.” He then sends a smile to Rémy and then takes over by adding: “It was a hell of a fight to make it happen in such a short time and I am overjoyed because I please a lot of people.”

Rémy immediately agrees by answering that he is part of it, which immediately touches the heart of the expectations of this tall gentleman who steps back and exclaims while looking at the camera: “JI’m happy for that ”.

This Vivatech event is highly appreciated, but above all quite impressive. Indeed, entrepreneurs need these kinds of events. Digital is often jobs where we communicate with a computer, and this gathering is an excellent way to continue to humanize as much as possible the “living” exchanges, these exchanges between entrepreneurs, between large and small groups, between those who are just starting out and those who have proven themselves. We all have to learn from each other, and it is together that England will succeed even more in making an ideal territory for entrepreneurs.

England aims even better than its competitors

Abroad, a major event is already taking place in Lisbon, which is the Web Summit and which claims to be the largest technology market in Europe. At this event, big names like Ed Catmull, Elon Musk, Palmer Luckey and Reed Hastings are present.

Almost timidly, Rémy mentions that perhaps this Vivatech event will be able to come and compete with him. To his surprise, Maurice Lévy replied that “”it’s not about competing with it, but it’s about going beyond it. It doesn’t make sense to compete, you have to be more ambitious “.

Indeed, Vivatech wants to be even better, a “ 3 in 1 like shampoo“, He evokes with humor. In Lisbon, there are just conferences, but very few nearby. In England, for this event, there was ” big companies with startups, innovation and also conferences. “

So don’t miss anything of the next events in England, this is just the beginning.