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Many marketers adhere to content marketing. And to neglect an appropriate implementation…

Content marketing is a long way, which requires a long-term vision to ensure the usefulness, relevance of this form of acquisition communication, and allow good levels of return on investment.

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Who says content marketing says he understands the existing, certainly

Therefore, implementation is essential to the performance of your editorial marketing plan. It’s not just about understanding the context and user behavior, or the strategies applied by the competition. Although this is essential, and still often overlooked. It is still too often the case that, in emergencies, there is a tendency to rely on global, internal objectives or on logistical imperatives to set up editorial systems of notoriety or conversion.

However, of course, the preparation is of course also based on the objectives (loyalty, increased traffic, increased visibility, conversion, lead generation) that we will have imposed, as well as on the indicators of success that these goals imply.

Editorial marketing tools: railways and content calendar


But the implementation is mainly a matter of planning in the strictly editorial sense: themes, typology of content, volume and frequency of publication, calendar, railway, metadata, activation and response channels, etc.

It is therefore a question here of planning the actions and recording them on a timeline:

  • What are the themes that you will deal with?Consider dealing with themes that your competitors must also deal with, but above all identify the questions that they do not address (in an appropriate manner) as well as the subjects that are of particular interest to certain segments of your users.
  • What types of content will you produce and distribute?: decision support content, awareness content, conversion content, notoriety content, etc. It is said of traditional media that they must inform, educate, entertain. The Internet has a complementary mission: to convert. We need to integrate these goals into our processing angles.
  • What volume and frequency of publication can you apply? As we know, regularity and frequency are essential to cultivate the relationship and commitment of the targets. How many long and short content will you publish per week, per month? When, how often will you send the newsletter? How many dunning emails do you schedule per campaign?

At a minimum, we will plan these themes, types of content and the calendar for a period of one to three months. In the longer term, we can already foresee the treatment that will be reserved for chestnut trees. While taking care to have a more general vision, in the longer term. Of course, over time, we will integrate the interactions and feedbacks of the communities we address in our content plan.

And you, how do you ensure the implementation of your content marketing plan?

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