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On October 30, 31 and November 1, a new edition of Cyber ​​Monday will take place in Argentina, which together with Hot Sale and Black Friday represent the three main dates of the electronic commerce calendar, where sales through the Internet are multiply by tens. So that you are not left out of the benefits that it can bring to your company, we have prepared a list of the main aspects that you must take into account in order to implement your ecommerce strategy.

The Importance of Creating Your Own Online Store!

Even today, certain myths about online stores remain, such as that to carry them out requires technical knowledge or expert professionals, that their development and maintenance is expensive, and that having them online is something exclusive to Corporates

The reality is far from this scenario. Any SME or entrepreneur, as we observe it daily in the different success stories developed under our platform, can have their shopping cart online almost instantly, with their catalog loaded, and the main forms of payment automatically enabled.

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Create your Distribution channels

Getting your offers to your target audience is essential to make the most of Cyber ​​Monday! We tell you what are the main ways you have to achieve it.

Social networks

From Facebook, to Instagram or Twitter, even WhatsApp, whatever the social network where you have a presence, Your targeted audience is profitable and useful for short-lived but highly effective campaigns.


The famous search engine is always in the forefront, and Google’s advertising platform allows you to get your promotions to those who are looking for them as well also achieve campaigns on the Display network that will skyrocket your sales and increase your customers.

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Cyber ​​Monday Tip # 1: Offer real discounts!

Remember that the premise when preparing your discounts and promotions is that they have to be profitable for your brand and at the same time truly significant for consumers. Many companies tend to disproportionately inflate their pricing policy on pre-event dates, then offer promotions of 50% or more and end up selling at the same value. This measure generally causes an effect of anger towards the brand, since buyers perceive that in reality their great promotion is an advertising stunt and they discharge all their frustration on social networks, by word of mouth, or by not doing a conversion again in the company.

That is why before launching into designing a marketing strategy for Cyber ​​Monday 2017 it is advisable to establish what type of discounts and promotions are really useful for consumers, and ensure that they are satisfied and happy with the experience.

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Cyber ​​Monday Tip # 2: Extend the discount days

You can choose to send subscribers who have not opened the previous emails or to do a global campaign where you inform them that the period of promotions and discounts ends a day or more later. You will encourage sales to those who have not been able to buy before or to those who have just found out about your incredible offers!

Some statistics of Interest of Cyber ​​Monday 2016

  • Young people were the most active, with 58% of users between 18 and 34 years old.
  • Probably in this edition smartphones or tablets are the most used devices, and they will unseat the PC for the first time. In 2015 they represented 35% of accesses, and in 2016 48%
  • Average discounts published were 28.5%
  • The most visited areas: travel and tourism, clothing and footwear, technology and technological products and household items
  • The stay in the site can increase up to 70% compared to a normal day