Social networks are today essential tools for effective prospecting. And for good reason, they have multiple advantages: direct contact with the customer, the possibility of exchanging and creating a community around their brand, or the opportunity to gain visibility quickly. Digital prospecting on social networks has become in recent years the flagship marketing trend : this is what is known today as ” Social Selling “…

But contrary to popular belief, Social Selling does not only concern the BtoC sector. BtoB also has everything to gain from using social networks. However, the art of exploiting social networks in BtoB is not given to everyone. Here are some good practices to help you in your prospecting.

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Social Selling: why sell on social networks?

Selling on social media is becoming a necessity in 2017, at a time when these media bring together a large part of BtoB buyers. If Facebook remains the leading social media with 1.55 billion subscribers, Twitter has around 307 million and LinkedIn more than 100 million.

Today, BtoB buyers search for their professional information as they would for personal information: they do their research on the web, and in particular on social networks and search engines. According to the B2B Buyer’s survey report, 77% of them do their research before even contacting a salesperson, and 57% browse discussions on different social media in their research process.

To successfully attract these prospects to your site, sales and marketing departments must learn to work hand in hand. With content relevant to your target offered by your marketing teams, salespeople can take over within the customer’s purchasing cycle.

Exploiting networks: an art!

Social Selling: not so easy

Social Selling sells dreams: reaching all of its prospects in a few clicks represents an incredible opportunity! But is it real? Indeed, we note that 72% of salespeople misuse social networks in their digital prospecting strategy. We thus observe many bad practices in this new art that is Social Selling for BtoB companies.

An Inbound Marketing strategy

First, Social Selling is part of your overall inbound marketing strategy, because it’s mainly about bringing people naturally to the company through the production and management of content. This content should not just be used as bait, but should have real added value for the customer. In fact, 80% of customers say that they do not want to sell them a product or service, but that they offer solutions to their problems.

An outbound strategy

You can also use social networks to hunt as in traditional commercial prospecting. However, to avoid having such disastrous results as calling cold prospects, do not make the same mistakes on the networks. Use available levers to start a conversation with your prospects. You know thanks to social networks like LinkedIn that a new decision-maker has just joined the company, that a fundraising has been carried out, that a CSR plan is starting… It is thanks to this that your outbound social strategy selling will be relevant. If you combine it by offering enriching and educational content as discussed above, you will certainly win at least one meeting.

Be present … but not too much!

According to this same approach, it is important to do not pollute the network of its customers. Avoid posting more than once a day on your social networks and offer educational content, not promotional. Offering “selfless” content to your prospects will allow you toimprove your credibility and give you expert status. Don’t worry: prospects really charmed by your content will not hesitate to go further!

Follow the right plan

Finally, your Social Selling strategy must be set like a Swiss clock. Who is your target? Who are your personas? On which networks are they present and at what time of the day do they consult these media the most? establish a prospecting plan precise which will help you to manage your campaigns calmly and will allow you to obtain interesting results. In this way, your salespeople will be able to follow step by step the degree of maturity of your leads generated on social networks and take into account their level of interest in order to be able to present the solutions offered by the company. at the right time and to the right person. Feel free to train your salespeople to show them the best practices of Social Selling and improve their effectiveness.

Here : Social Selling in BtoB now has no secrets for you ! You just have to put these tips into practice to successfully reach your prospects on social networks.