Facebook Ads: All You Need To Know 2020 -

If you do not already use Facebook Ads or would like to improve your product and service campaigns on this social network, this post will help you better understand what should be done.

Basics of Facebook Marketing

O Facebook It can help your business grow, be it small, medium or large. No doubt about it, but learn more about…

What is the Facebook Ads?

O Facebook Ads is a paid advertising tool within the Facebook which offers unique and effective ways to show your business campaign to the people who have the most potential to be interested in it.
You see, through ads from Facebook Ads you can…

  • Reach people based on location (city, region, country), age, language, gender, interests, and many other targeting data offered;
  • Use reporting tools to understand your audience behavior and campaign performance, adjusting them to deliver better results;
  • And with Facebook Lead Ads you can generate leads directly from Facebook to a CRM.

Know the cases of Facebook Marketing gives Attentive and from Brigadore

The following cases help to illustrate what the Facebook Ads can do for businesses and businesses, whether they are large corporations or tiny startups. For both cases the campaigns created exceeded the expectations of entrepreneurs. See below:

Case of the facebook campaign #vempraatento da Atento

Atento is a multinational company of contact center, with presence in 14 countries and 150,000 employees. In England one of her biggest challenges is the recruitment and selection for more than 80 thousand vacancies she offers in the country. With Facebook Marketing His goal was to receive approximately 3,000 resumes per month, as well as to find candidates with specific qualities such as speaking English, Spanish or living in inner cities.

Atento Brazil Office: Using Facebook Ads to Capture New Talents.

Using ads from Facebook Ads, Atento began to receive more than 5,000 resumes each month, and the application rate almost doubled.


  • 92% of the candidates originating from the campaigns of the Facebook Marketing are hired;
  • the utilization rate is 1.7x higher than the other sources of candidates;
  • and Facebook conversion cost is about 4% cheaper than the specialized recruitment channel.

Example of advertising on Facebook created by Atento.

Atento Facebook Advertising.

Campaign Facebook for the whole of England and for specific locations

Wherever there was demand in England, Facebook became the best tool for talking to potential candidates. The best examples were Rio Verde in Goiás and Feira de Santana in Bahia, cities where atento used leafleting and sound cars to recruit and still did not fill all available vacancies. To address the issue, text, photo, and video ads were created with the right language for each city audience. Ana Holanda, marketing manager responsible for the “Come to Atento (#vempraatento)” campaign states that “for some regions, the pieces even had an accent to increase the effectiveness of the ad approach”.

The advertising solution in Facebook used by Atento

Advertising Objective:
Products used in the campaign:
  • Page (fan page facebook)
  • Adverts (facebook ads)
    • Feed Desktop News
    • Feed Mobile News
  • Publishing Pages
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Custom Audiences
  • Similar audiences

Interesting, right? The Atento campaign case is a case of large companies. Let’s look at the case of a small company that started advertising as soon as it opened its doors to the market:

Campaign Case Facebook Marketing “Don’t Run Out of Dessert” by Brigadore

Brigadore Brigadeiros Gourmet, is one of the first brigaderias in Manaus, won a large part of its clientele using a page on Facebook and a profile of Instagram. A year and a half after opening its doors, the business already has 3 stores and 30 employees in the capital Amazonense.

Brigadore: Facebook Marketing

Some data from Brigadore after working with Facebook Marketing:

  • opened 3 stores in two years;
  • hired 30 employees at this time;
  • More than 50% of customers entering the store arrive at Facebook.

The Facebook advertising used by Brigadore

Much of Brigadore’s expansion is attributed to the strategy of Instagram and Facebook advertising. The initial plan was to make the brand known to as many people as possible. They achieved much more than that: Facebook fan page has become one of the main channels for receiving orders and orders. Now the focus is to consolidate the business and study the idea of ​​turning Brigadore into a franchise.

“We have always had a good relationship with customers through Instagram and this relationship is also gaining positive contours with the Facebook Fan Page. Customers have been asking more questions through the company page on Facebook and we are even receiving orders per message. We have already closed many deals this way. ”
Thiago Castro, partner of Brigadore Brigadeiros Gourmet

To eat with the eyes

“Food is visual,” says Thiago. That’s why you created a profile on Instagram and started his strategy of online marketing. The success of the initiative encouraged him to create the Facebook fan page for the company and combine both with quality content. To reach the first 1,000 fans, the company launched the “Sweet November” campaign. The idea was to boost photo publications and stimulate sharing by exchanging brigadeiro boxes. The engagement generated was impressive.

Another campaign on Facebook The one that generated a lot of results was Valentine’s Day 2013. To celebrate the date, Brigadore created a special product – brigadeiro pie kit and 8 other brigadeiros. Created post ads on fan page to promote the idea for 15 days. They sold 200 kits they had produced and could not fulfill all orders received. Exclusive product announcements on holiday dates increase store sales by 50% to 80%.

The advertising solution in Facebook used by Brigadore

Objectives with Facebook Marketing:
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase store sales
Products used in marketing campaigns Facebook:
  • Pages (fan page facebook)
  • Publishing Pages
  • Adverts:
    • Desktop News Feed
    • Mobile News Feed

New Customers Regularly

Thiago says he already has loyal customers and realizes that about 50% of the people who visit the store are new customers daily. He estimates that half arrive after visiting the store at Instagram or at Facebook. This reason is enough for him not to consider using another form of advertising. “In addition to being much more practical to manage campaigns – Thiago does everything by mobile – the cost is much lower compared to traditional media,” he says.

How to advertise on Facebook?

Start by creating campaigns and ads based on your advertising goals on Facebook

You can achieve your goals by reaching the right audience. There are currently some targeting options to advertise. These options will determine the format and behavior of the ad and from these settings will yield better results.

What are the various advertising goals in Facebook and what can they do?

Boost Your Publications

Opt for Boost Your Publications if your goal is to increase engagement with your post and get people to view, like, comment on and share the content of your Fan page. Here you create an ad from a post already created in your Fan page.

Promote Your Page

Choice Promote Your Page, so your ad is optimized to reach the people in your audience who have the most potential to like your page. When people like your Page, posts can appear in the News Feed, along with posts from their friends and family. You may want to promote your Page if you want to engage with your audience or reach new customers.

Send people to your site

By choosing to Send people to your site, you can set a custom destination URL. For example, you can send people to your site’s home page, an online store, your contacts page, or any page you want people to view. By default, your ad is optimized to reach the people in the audience who are most likely to click on it.

Increase conversions on your site

By choosing to Increase conversions on your site, you need to add code to your site HTML. Add the code to the page of the site you want to track conversions on. For example, if you want to control how many people viewed your ad and who actually purchased the advertised product, you need to add the code to your site’s purchase confirmation page. By default, your ad is optimized to reach people in the audience who are most likely to make conversions.

Get installations of your app

By choosing to Get installations for your app, you can create an ad with a link to the app store where people can install your app. If you want to measure the number of app installs, integrate it into the Facebook SDK.

Increase engagement with your app

By choosing to Increase engagement with your app, you can send people to specific areas of your app. For example, you can send people to your online store. If you want to measure the success of your ad, integrate your app with the Facebook SDK.

Reach people close to your business

By choosing to Reach people close to your business, you direct people from or around your local community by setting a radius around your business. Promoting in the vicinity may be the right choice for you if you want to increase sales or in-store visits. Serving a publicity ad nearby can help build awareness for your brand in the local community.

Increase attendance at your event

By choosing to Increase attendance at your event, you create an event ad so people can add it to their calendars. Users will receive reminders about your event and you can check how many people responded to the invitation.

Get people to get your offer

By choosing to Get people to get your offer, you create an ad with a coupon, discount, or other special offer that you want to offer. You can choose an audience for the ad you will serve and decide how many people can claim your offer.

Get video previews

By choosing to Get video previews, you can create ads with embedded video. Video ads can help you tell a story and create your brand image on Facebook.

Generate leads through Facebook Lead Ads

This type of ad makes it possible to create a form on Facebook itself to generate leads that can be integrated with a Sales CRM so that the leads fall directly into the hands of a salesperson.

Perform Audience Segmentation

Audience Targeting helps you define exactly who your ad campaign should serve to. In the video below you will understand how targeting works and how it generates better results for your campaigns on Facebook Ads.

There are two types of audiences:

  • Custom Audiences
  • Similar Audiences

Where are the ads located?

In the illustration below you will find the places where ads can be served:

Where to advertise on Facebook

  • Ads in desktop news feed
    They are shown in desktop news feeds among other content, such as user posts.
  • Right Side Desktop Ads
    They are displayed on the right side and can be displayed on the profile main page and photo album, event, group feed pages, etc. This type of ad can only be displayed on desktop.
  • Ads in the mobile news feed
    They are shown in mobile news feeds among other content, such as user posts.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook Ads?

Unlike traditional media like radio, newspaper, and TV, starting to advertise on Facebook Ads requires an often lower budget. With an initial daily budget of $ 5.00 you can now run a campaign with results that are satisfactory to a targeted audience. Advertising on Facebook fits in any pocket. The video below provides a quick guide to how ads work in auctions, based on audience size, budget, and ad calendar.

There are two payment options for ad serving:

  • CPM or Cost per Thousand Impressions

Here in England, the social network despite calculating the budget spent, in R $ Real, collects in U $ Dollars. This requires an international credit card, with the bank’s release for purchases abroad. You also need to budget for Facebook Marketing the Financial Transaction Tax (IOF) charged on international credit card transactions.

My ad preferences:

I currently prefer to work with direct response Facebook campaigns (which generate immediate results) rather than indirect response campaigns (more related to branding and medium and long term results).

Remember to integrate Facebook with your Marketing and Sales CRM. Not sure what CRM is? Learn all about CRM here.