Facebook is testing a new “green screen” creation option 2021 -

Have you noticed that Facebook Stories have new features for both users and content creators, especially in 2021? And it does not intend to stop! The social network is now testing a new “Green screen” option in the story creation tools …

Small preview of the green screen of Facebook stories

This new tool will allow users to present their videos on a pre-selected video or still image. They will be able to add a video or an image from their camera roll in the background, then upload their story to it.

Trainer training

Testing of this feature was spotted by Mamun billah and an example was shown by app researcher Matt Navarra who tweeted how the new option will be available on Facebook Stories.

Even if this idea of ​​Facebook is not original, Facebook still decided to include it in its own platform knowing that it has already been executed successfully.

A great tool for content creators

The Green Screen option, available in Facebook Story Builder tools, can be a great tool for content creators through Stories.

This feature, already available on other platforms like TikTok and Instagram, allows content creators to communicate creatively and deliver more relevant and meaningful content to their audiences.

It makes Facebook Stories visually very pleasing, with users choosing their preferred background from Camera Roll and further exploring the tools provided by the app, making their stories as a whole very engaging. Users can even film themselves in the background of their choice, as seen in many TikTok content creator videos.

Still in the testing phase, this feature should be available very soon for users around the world.