Facebook will implement a new dynamic to ensure transparency in ads - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Facebook issued a statement (see original statement), announcing a series of measures that will be taken to ensure transparency in the advertising that is broadcast on the platform, especially that related to political issues.

As they said, the goal is for users to always know who the advertiser is behind the ads that are displayed. For this to be possible, as a first step, all ads that are created and published will be required to be associated with a page.

On the other hand, users will find an option that will allow them to see all the ads displayed on a page, by sending them to the advertiser’s page.

Following this dynamic, we will see a brief description of the type of ad being promoted and its objective. And of course, the entire series of advertisements on this page:

An interesting detail is that this will be visible even if the user does not correspond to the target audience of the advertising.

As for the political announcements, the process will be more demanding and there will be extra requirements, such as verification of identity, location, entity, among other data. This new methodology will be tested first in Canada, then in the US, and will eventually be extended to all countries.

Source: Wwwhatsnew