Facebook's smart glasses are coming soon! 2021 -

Smart glasses are one of Facebook’s big long-term plans to become THE next technological innovation after the smartphone. The company has indeed planned to offer them to the general public “sooner or later” this year …

Facebook will finally launch “smart glasses”

Facebook previewed its new Project Aria AR glasses last September. These included examples of full digital overlays that would be visible through the device, like safety alerts when walking down the street.

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Finally, the glasses, developed in partnership with Ray-Ban and Luxottica Group SpA, will connect to a device. But users won’t be able to overlay digital objects on top of their view of the real world, a fundamental part of augmented reality.

According to Andrew Bosworth, the head of hardware:

“They are definitely smart glasses, they certainly provide a lot of functionality [mais] we’re pretty shy about the specific features we provide. We’re excited about it, but we don’t want to overdo it. We don’t even call it augmented reality, we just call it ‘smart glasses’.

A Facebook innovation to improve “presence”

Recall that Facebook first announced its augmented reality glasses projects in 2017. Since then, the company has implemented some camera features that allow users to project digital images onto the physical world, such as filters. photo distorting the face.

Andrew Bosworth was unwilling to disclose the full functionality of the upcoming glasses, but said they align with Facebook’s augmented reality philosophy of making technology peripheral to human interactions in order to improve “presence”.