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Will you comprehensively take care of my website and its advertising on the Internet?

Yes. The experience gained over the years allows us to provide comprehensive services and take care of your brand’s image on the web. Not only will we design the website and logo for you, but we will also reserve the right domain and we will put the created website on stable and secure hosting.
We will create a company name and advertising slogan for people who are just opening their business. We take care of everything from A to Z. You can only enjoy the effects.

Do you issue VAT invoices?

Yes, we issue VAT invoices. We are a VAT payer since 2007.

Do you sign a contract with the client before starting work?

Yes, before starting work, we write a contract specifying the scope of work and issue an advance invoice. It covers 30% of the order value.

How long does it take to build a website?

The duration of the order depends on its complexity. We build pages from packages 1 and 2 of our offer up to 7 working days. More advanced sites from the 3.4 and 5 packages are created within 30 business days.
If you care about the fast delivery time, please contact us.

What is the difference between a template page and an individually designed one?

An individually designed website is a design ideally suited to your needs. Not only the look of the page, its graphic design and photos used, but also the number of tabs and the arrangement of elements on it. Based on the design prepared by the graphic, the site is coded, and you get exactly what you have chosen.

For a template-based page, the whole process looks different. We rely on an existing template that is maximally adapted to your needs and preferences. We edit elements such as text and photos, but in this case, our possibilities are limited.
The website based on the template, due to the scope of work on its implementation is a less burdensome solution for the portfolio and ideally suited for people who are just starting their adventure with marketing on the web.

Both solutions combine that you get a fully professional website, which is a showcase of your company.

How long does it take to create an individually designed website?

By default, creating a page from an individual project takes:

  • up to 7 business days for page from package 2;
  • up to 30 business days for a page from a 3.4 or 5 package;

Want to know what the above packages contain? See our price list.

How long does it take to make a page based on a template?

Normally, it takes us up to 7 business days to make such a page. Do you want your site to be ready even faster? Contact us.

How much does it cost to make a website?

Details are presented in our price list. Thanks to it, you will find out exactly how much it will cost to complete the page you need. Details can be found here.

Do you create websites in other languages?

Pages in a language other than Polish are created in packages of pages 3,4 and 5. To make your website work smoothly in each of them, we use the development version of the best WordPress plugin on the market ( https://wpml.org/purchase/ ). The value of the plug-in itself is over $ 200. It allows for a free lifetime update, so any changes made to the site will be fully understood by your customers.


I would like to have mail in my domain, e.g. [email protected], will you help me create it?

Yes, we will create mailboxes in a registered domain and help in its configuration on your computer.

Do you offer hosting or server space for websites?

Yes, our offer also includes hosting. We create free engine and plug-in pages and skins updates for pages created based on the WordPress engine stored on our server.

What is positioning?

Simply put, positioning is an action that aims to provide the website with the highest position in the search engine.
In our work, we use various techniques to bring our clients’ websites to TOP 3.
You can read more about positioning on our blog.

How much does the positioning cost?

The cost of positioning depends on many factors. The main is competitiveness in your industry. Other actions must be taken to position the page that has little competition and others in the opposite situation. The cost of this service depends on it.
Do you want to find out how much your website positioning will cost? Feel free to contact us!

How long does positioning take?

Like positioning costs, its duration depends on your competition and the selection of key phrases. Therefore, it may turn out that it takes little time, or to maintain satisfactory positions, to act all the time. You can find detailed information on this topic soon on our blog.

How do you check the position of a page in Google?

Are you curious what position your site has on Google? Just enter the phrase you are interested in in the search engine and check. Remember, however, that due to geolocation, results may vary on different computers. You can also use the private mode in your browser to check the results.
In our work, to check the position, we use, among other scripts.

Do you make a logo?

Yes. Our offer includes not only the logo design but also other advertising materials that will help you grow your business.
You can find more about this in the advertising materials tab.

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