February is the month of Love. Make your customers fall in love with your site. - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

We all know that just beginning February there is a date that stands out above all the rest, generating manifestations of love, joy, the occasional sadness, illusion, and many more emotions. That’s right, since the Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day party was popularized, thousands and thousands of people around the world They will be pending special promotions to share with their partners, or they will be more predisposed to all kinds of stories, anecdotes, contests, or marketing actions that brands display on their social networks, website or shopping cart.

In CWT Advertising we give you 5 ideas so you can shine this Valentine’s Day 2019

1. Generate unforgettable experiences

You can use a face-to-face event with a slogan according to the date, a contest on Facebook or Instagram, a special bonus for those buyers who share their gift on social networks, or any creative and ingenious idea that will lead you to stand out from your competitors , giving your customers moments that will remain etched in their minds forever.

2. Bet on Video Marketing

People love stories, especially if they have love, encounters, disagreements, and above all things a happy ending. That is why developing a video marketing strategy can be an excellent ally when it comes to winning new customers and loyalty of existing prospects.

3. Decorate and dress your website and shopping cart

Dressing your page and your online store with the colors and symbols of this celebration, will get the attention of your visitors, encouraging them to stay longer, and perform more actions on your website, thus increasing the possibility of making new sales.

4. Establish direct communication with your buyers

Social networks are an incredible channel to communicate all your actions, generating more engagement, and a more solid and faithful community to your brand. Remember that on February 14, although it is generally focused on couples – especially in many Latin American countries – it has been adopted as a celebration of love. Thus, A group of friends is also included in the celebration!

5. Use the power of SEM in your favor

A short but effective advertising campaign can make you win many customers who then, with a strong loyalty campaign, will remain true to your brand.

For them, it proposes a strategy that includes Google Ads in the Search Network, and the creation of a good Display Network campaign aimed at the best portals in the country. Not only will your business chances increase, but they will bring you notoriety and prestige.

Likewise, Facebook and Instagram are undisputed leaders in the number of users and in audience participation. That is why campaigning with a specific slogan to promote the acquisition of a planned product or service will be an excellent way to succeed towards success.