Find the perfect sales angle for your product (Mad Men) 2020 -

The easiest way to create a sales message is to be part of the target audience. That way you already understand the psychological dynamics of your ideal client … and you can easily find other people like you. But sometimes, you spot an interesting opportunity where you are NOT part of the target market… In this case, how to create an effective sales message?

This is a common occurrence in the Mad Men series, particularly when it is necessary to sell a product intended for women – because all the copywriters employed by the agency at the start of the series are men.

How to differentiate yourself from the competition?

In today’s excerpt, advertising agency Sterling Cooper signed a new client, Belle Jolie, who sells lipstick. From the start, we discover that the company has a big problem: their sales are excruciating….

The reason is that brand management makes a very frequent mistake in terms of marketing by trying to differentiate themselves on a criterion that is not important to the target market …



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