Finding Blog Post Ideas: The Zen Method 2020 -

Are you one of the bloggers who can no longer come up with article ideas and exclaim: “I have nothing more to say! “Or” I have covered the subject … “. The problem of inspiration failure is very common. Do not worry. I’m going to explain to you how to release the pressure and blacken those white pages that make you desperate…

But first, let me explain something to you. There is, for blogging, as for any relationship with the other, friendly, in love, or professional, a latency period.

Let me explain: you meet a person, or a group, and you are the new.

Everyone is interested in you, we ask you lots of questions, you are the temporary darling: Whatever you say, we listen to you (will he teach us something new?), Whatever you suggest, we follow you (will it get us out of our daily boredom?).

And then comes a time when you step into the familiar landscape. You may be cut off, it may take time to respond to one of your messages, you may not have the motivation to get moving at your party …

You have entered the latency period. We are a little disappointed with you (but we do not hold it against you), you have not changed, turned their lives upside down as they hoped deep down, you were this horse on which we bet, but which does not win not all races.

Then, once this latency period has passed, comes the moment when you represent a pillar, a foundation: you are an elder. We respect you for your experience and your seniority. When you speak, your opinion is taken into account, your opinions weigh in the balance.

But it is often during this latent period that the blogger or the entrepreneur becomes discouraged. Instead of persevere, to go beyond this latency period, he despairs and declares: “I failed! ”

Or worse: it bends over backwards, and begins to beg his network to share it, to read his book, to interview him. He waves like a beetle that has fallen on his back.

This is often where the panicky brain can no longer be in a good mood for creativity: you lose your confidence in yourself, in your abilities, in the future of your project.

And it is certainly not in this state of mind that you will arrive at imagine any original or striking article!

So, to start with, take a deep breath, and repeat this out loud: “I’m in a period of latency, I just have to persevere, and creativity will come back. ”

But maybe you think this:

Haha! The Contentologist is funny! She believed herself in a Buddhist monastery? I breathe if I want, smart! So you give it your technique? I don’t care, I didn’t read the beginning of the article, I jumped straight to the first subtitle, it’s 2017, and I’m too busy you see.

Okay, I’ll teach you how to generate hundreds of article ideas according to a precise method.

Find article ideas: the 3 memos that save your skin

generate article ideas

Take yours ideal support for ideas: your Evernote, your Flaircontaine notebook or your Bullet Journal in fair trade quinoa, and prepare 3 sections.

1. The Subject memo

Start by creating a memo called “Topics”.

You put it there all subjects that go through your head and that you will have to deal with on your blog.

Yes, yes, even the topics you have already treaties.

Example for an SEO blog: “backlinks, semantic cocoon, keywords, plugins…”

2. The Problems memo

Then create a new memo: “Problems”.

You make a list of the main problems encountered by your readers / prospects.

Also think about the problems you have met yourself in this thematic.

Example for a diet blog: “I can’t lose my cheeks, I can’t stabilize my weight, I always want sweet things …”

3. The Angles memo

Now a new memo: “Angles of attack”:

You copy and paste these 30 angles of attack (or print and paste with huhu glue):

  1. Make a list of techniques for (Example: 26 easy techniques for photographing the sea);
  2. Make a list of steps (tutorial) (Example: 5 steps to reference a forum);
  3. Make a list of the best bloggers on a theme … (quote bloggers) (Example: The 50 best American fashion blogs);
  4. 1 month challenge (Example: 30 day challenge to lose weight);
  5. Infographic (Example: Infographic: Japanese restaurants around the world);
  6. Honest review (Example: I tried Lipstuk lipstick);
  7. Guide in 3 parts (Example: Playing a 12 bar blues – Part 1/3);
  8. How to… (tutorial) (Example: How to build your back in 1 month);
  9. Make a list of success secrets in a theme. (My 5 marketing secrets to increase sales);
  10. Repeat the article by so and so, but better. (Better answers, more resources, longer article, better writing…);
  11. Interview (Example: Interview with Amélie Nothomb – Her advice to young people);
  12. Explain how you managed to get [telle chose précise] > figures, concrete success … (Example: How I managed to go around the world in 6 months with a budget of 3000 €);
  13. Case study (with interview) (Example: Case study: From 0 to 2000 € per month, how Olivier Martel earns his living with his blog);
  14. Solicit people known to solve a problem in 15 lines. (Example: The secrets of the 15 best health bloggers to detoxify your body);
  15. Create an article of definitions of the jargon of your theme for a theme. (Example: What is an ISO? Common terms of photography explained to beginners);
  16. Season article: (Example: How to avoid stress during the Christmas holidays);
  17. News article as an angle of your theme (Example: Which President of the Republic will favor startups?);
  18. Contest (Example: Win a Biploum t-shirt> And ask for shares and links in exchange);
  19. Controversial article: (Example: Why should you stop going to your family);
  20. Guest article at home. (Suggest to good bloggers to post a guest article to your home);
  21. Make a top (Example: The top 10 of Auto Insurance);
  22. Everything you always wanted to know about … without daring to ask. (Example: the clitoris);
  23. The best of the year / month (Example: The best Android apps 2017);
  24. Portrait (Example: Micheline Bryxzk – An exile);
  25. Behind the scenes (Example: Behind the scenes of the stand-up comedy medium);
  26. True or False / Truths and Lies (Example: True or False? 15 questions on diabetes);
  27. Open letter (Example: Open letter to charlatans of hypnosis);
  28. Affiliation (Example: The best marketing tool to boost traffic);
  29. 7 signs that … (Example: 7 signs that your articles are badly written);
  30. Episodes (Example: Arrival in Phnom Penh: Day 1).

Gogo gadget with article ideas in action!

Find article ideas

Now you will take each of your “subjects” and decline into potential problems related to the subject.


For a Health blog:

  • Ulcer> How to get rid of an ulcer, how to avoid ulcers, what is an ulcer;
  • Allergies> How to know if I am allergic, to what I am allergic…

When you have declined like this, all the subjects of your thematic, into concrete problems, you will only have to add to your list from your “problems” memo.

And finally, you start the idea generator, taking your list of problems and by associating them with article angles.

You’re ready for article ideas for the next 5 years. ?

Use colligation

Here is a method that I really like to find ideas for original articles:

You take a subject that has nothing to see and you stick it to your theme: new images are coming. What do they inspire you?

I love to hang out on Wikipedia and read a random article.

Example: I’m really going to take the first Wikipedia article and compare it to my blog </mode challenge On>

I came across Lin Zexu, an obscure Chinese (but still less obscure than me, since on Wikipedia)

It says: “He is best known for his position against the opium trade in Canton.” Suddenly, I think of being “against a scabrous trade”.

It gives me new ideas: “Traffickers of web writers: the underworld launches on the web. (To talk about competition from third world countries in editorial).

Or: “Online training: the new opium for gold prospectors. ”

If Wikipedia articles don’t inspire you (I’m having a blast, but I’m having fun with nothing), you can also look for another subject, or a vision of life that is important to you, and mix it up about you.

This is what I did with How to get kids out of school with web writing.

Find article ideas: Breathe and get inspired

Breakdown of inspiration: new article ideas

If despite your rage, you feel like a rat in a cage (10 points to the one who will understand the reference), get out of your business and go to air yourself:

  • By making a different activity : I advise you to get started, even temporarily, but with passion, in a new activity. By climbing, you might start to get new ideas about your business;
  • By reading books that have nothing to do: Novels, news … You will be surprised to find ideas for articles by reading Madame Bovary;
  • Going to interview the others: Go to meet an influential person in your field and ask them to answer all these problems that you have treated a thousand times in your articles. You will find out that they have read other books, had other references … It will be very enriching for you. And for your readers!
  • By writing every morning, what goes through your head, without judging yourself, for 1 hour. Warning, powerful technique liberator of fire.

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Do you have enough or want more? 🙂