Focus on major Google algorithm updates in 2017 2020 -

Internet giant Google performs at least 600 algorithms updates annually, most of which have major SEO consequences. This is why it is important to take a look at these different changes …

General information on the updates in question

Statistics Show Mountain View Firm Wants To Seek perfect the internet. In 2016, for example, it made 1,653 modifications to its algorithm, i.e. 5 daily corrections. Before applying these changes, she took care to test the effectiveness of the codes. In total, it carried out around 9800 evaluations, but applied only the updates likely to improve the domain of the Web like the modifications to avoid “fakes news”, the Google Fred update, or even the release. from Phantom 5.

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A modification to avoid “fakes news”

This improvement was made on April 25, 2017. Its main objective is to ban false information as well as defamatory and hateful information. While this change will not be enough to solve the problem completely, it is a big step towards finding a lasting solution. According to the Google official, the code in question will sanction platforms with poor quality content. Thanks to it, the Internet user will be able to obtain a response to their request without even going to a web page. However, this option is not yet valid if the user makes a request in English.

Google algorithm against abusive advertising

The Google Fred Update

One of the most recent updates from Google is the Google Fred, implemented on March 8. It aims to penalize websites full of advertising especially by sanctioning platforms that dump revenue generated by commercial ads. Very often, this type of web page is not interesting for Internet users given the lack of information with high added value. Note, however, that the algorithm in question mainly concerns sites using the famous Black Hat SEO. In other words, the code aims to fight spam.

The release of Phantom 5

In February 2017, Google also made an update called “Phantom 5” which aims to identify the quality of the site concerned like most of its algorithms. To achieve this, it looks at the content of the site and works URL by URL, its deployment can take several days. The user’s journey on the site plays an important role during the evaluation. Concretely, the more the user browses the web page, the more it earns a good point in the eyes of “Phantom 5”.

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Penalty on interstitials

On January 10, 2017, Google officially declared that the presence of intrusive advertising on mobile websites will incur penalties. Remember that all commercial ads are not affected by this update. The latter mainly aims to avoid pop-ups that annoy the user when the page loads as well as ads that block access to content. In addition, sites with false interstitials will be penalized. This is for example the case of those who ask to install an application to access the information of the Internet user when it is enough to scroll to see them.

In short, Google has brought algorithm changes from the beginning of the year and will no doubt continue to offer others to perfect the web sector.