Four out of five online shoppers consider product reviews - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
reviewsThe current consumer, always informed and connected, distrusts brands to a greater extent than previous generations. Has more communication channels with other users or companies and your purchase intention is easily mutable according to the reviews You get on the internet.

The third party opinions, positive or negative, greatly affect the consumers of the network of networks, at least on the other side of the pond. Data from Trustpilot prove this, based on a sample of 1,132 adult e-shoppers of legal age.

Near to 81% of users, that is, four out of every five Internet users, he said he shuffled the opinions of others when deciding to add the products or services to his online shopping cart. Of these, 35.9% considered vital relevancethe reviews while the remaining 44.8% thought they were comments Something significant.

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Virtually eight out of every one hundred e-commerce buyers think that the opinions of third parties do not influence in the final purchase decision, they are not important but not irrelevant to them. Although it is a very small percentage compared to other Internet users.

Now, what is the decisive moment in reading reviews? Mainly they are read shortly before including the products in the cart (46.6%). They are also searched within the seller’s portal, before starting a purchase (24.7%). A significant percentage come to them even before accessing the web (18.5%), deciding in advance the suitable retailer.