French e-commerce is also affected [ETUDE] ! 2020 Guide -

The Covid-19 and containment have exploded global internet traffic and also upset the world of e-commerce in England. Inevitably, all sectors of activity are currently going through an unusual period which calls for an exceptional strategy. Retail, Luxury Goods, Travel or Pharmacy, a Contentsquare study scrutinized more than 1.05 million sessions on 800 online commerce sites before and after the pandemic…


Large retailers stand out

Contentsquare analyzed the internet sessions of geolocated users in England according to a comparison between the average per week before the Covid-19 pandemic (January 6 – February 16, 2020) and the first week of confinement (March 16 – 23, 2020). The first lesson is that overall traffic increased by + 13% due to the confinement that prompted internet users to hang onto their connected objects.

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On a computer or mobile, the French have visited more websites than usual to engage in telework, have fun, learn about the epidemic or communicate with their loved ones. In the process, the number of conversions increased by + 9%, despite an overall conversion rate down by -4%.

The retail sector is on the rise because of the “stay at home” which requires internet users to do their usual shopping, or even their “confinement” provisions online.

Verdict: + 161.92% of traffic and + 153.92% of total conversions, a record! A trend followed by the Pharmacy which nevertheless recorded a decrease in page views and the time spent per session.

Graphic all sectors combined and mass distribution.jpg

Other sectors logically in free fall

Despite the increase in overall traffic, other sectors are experiencing a major slowdown in their online activities. This is particularly the case for the travel domains in which all the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) are down: -69.91% of traffic, -22% of time per session, -82.58% on total conversions, etc.

Other sectors such as energy, jewelry and Retail Mode have suffered the same fate with all the KPIs in the negative.

We will also note the trends in the media and telecommunications sectors for which all the other indicators fell, except for traffic, which rose by 88.01% and 9.63% respectively.

Finally, the banking / insurance and Marketplace / tech sectors which are experiencing traffic slowdown, but which are benefiting from growth in conversions, session time or total conversions.

Falling Sectors.jpg