Get to know the best features of the “Purchase Orders” module! - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

When you listen or think of CWT Advertising, surely you imagine a tool so that you can generate and manage the content of your website by choosing different thematic templates, to have a page adaptable to any device, that is optimized for search engines, and that is fully integrated into your social networks.In addition to these features, one of the features you have is the shopping cart, where you can place and sell your catalog online. This implies, that “behind CWT Advertising”, available only to you, and with the objective that you can manage 100% of the cycle of your sales, you have a module to manage your purchase orders.

Here are some of the features you can use there.

1. Export of Information

You can generate and export a CSV file of all your OC. This format is a text file with comma-separated data, which can very easily be opened in Excel, Google Docs or imported into any other software you want.

2. Know the exact status of each order.

You will be able to know in real time in what situation each purchase order of the system is. That is, you will be able to know all the orders by filtering by these three alternatives: their status in the purchase cycle, their selected payment method, and the shipping situation.

In addition to a global view of the status of your online store, it will allow you to take actions in specific cases. For example, knowing all the orders found with the status “Online Payment Error”, and thus being able to contact your customers or potential customers to try to resolve the situation.

3) Manage your shipments

In addition to listing all pending orders to organize your work, you can register the data for your future control, such as indicating the tracking code provided by the mail.

4) Know the step-by-step history of each Purchase Order

You will be able to know exactly the date and time of each novelty produced, in addition to the observations. This will be vital to answer questions you receive from your customer service center, or to analyze how long you are taking from purchase to final delivery, and see if it is necessary to optimize any internal process.

5) Integration with payment systems.

Purchase orders are 100% integrated with the payment system chosen by the customer. Therefore, when it completes your payment, whether by paypal, credit card or Mercadopago, the information will be stored in your Purchase Order automatically, and you will receive a notification by mail.

The “Purchase Orders” module is 100% included in CWT Advertising, so you can sell and manage your orders online, in an integrated way and without using any other additional software.

What do you expect to try it ?!