When I got into e-commerce a few years ago, I made a lot of mistakes! I wanted to pay dearly for a site … € 15,000! Reading this, I still wonder how I did it! I made the classic mistake: focusing on the site, the design and the logo, rather than the most important thing: getting traffic. Tell yourself that without traffic, no turnover! This is the most important thing … At first, your site will be young and will take time to position itself in the search engines – and again, it is if you do things right! Word of mouth will also take time to develop. At first, there will not be a crowd on your e-commerce site. You’re desperately going to be looking at your Analytics account, looking for the few visitors to your site! Fortunately, there are techniques that allow you to get traffic to your e-commerce site as soon as it is launched …

Create a waiting page

This is the first thing to do, before your launch: create a waiting page. On this waiting page, you will briefly indicate what is the concept of your site. You will display your logo and especially offer the visitor to give their email. In return, you will offer him something: a PDF guide, discounts negotiated with other e-merchants in niches close to yours … Important thing: offer a guide that will really interest your audience! Imagine that you are in the “pregnant woman” niche, you are going to offer a PDF guide “9 months to prepare for the arrival of your baby”. In this guide, you will offer very qualitative content or give a lot of value to the reader.

Write your PDF guide

How? ‘Or’ What write this PDF guide ? You just have to do it on Google docs, or another software, then delegate the graphic part, for example on 5euros.com, for a hundred euros. The most important thing, as I said, is really to add value. Offer very interesting content and, at the end of the PDF, offer a promo code limited in time (1 week maximum) and valid from the launch of your site. If you know the launch date, don’t hesitate to mention it in your guide, it will create waiting!

Create a blog

For 6 to 8 months, Google will not know your site and there is little chance that you will get a lot of traffic from it during this period. There are 2 ways to counter this: buy an already existing site – but, necessarily, it can quickly cost you! – or launch your own as soon as possible. Upstream, what I advise you is to start Create a blog and write regularly on it (Once a week) very qualitative articles (at least 1000 words, 2000 words would be ideal). You will answer all the questions that your target asks. If there are days when you get inspired, get ahead by writing articles for later. Create your blog as soon as possible, as soon as you have an idea of ​​your e-commerce store!

Find article ideas

To take the example of the niche pregnant woman, we will use the answer the public tool.

This tool allows you to see all the questions people ask in a specific topic. All you have to do is take all of these topics and write articles on each keyword. This will have 2 positive effects: start to make yourself known to your target and start working on your SEO.

In your articles, you will capture visitors’ emails in exchange for the PDF guide. You can use a capture form in sidebar, but what gives the best results is an email capture box directly in the content of the article. You can also add a pop-up window to display when the visitor leaves the page. Thanks to this, you will capture a lot of emails and, later, we will see the importance of these emails.

In addition, there is another thing that could be interesting to let you know about your audience. This will require a small budget, but the game is worth the effort … You will send your products to the biggest bloggers in your field who, in return, will write test articles on the product in question. You are going to ask these bloggers to put a link to your waiting page. Again, it will be positive: you will receive qualified traffic on your page, capture emails and work on your SEO, because you will get your first backlinks!

Capture emails

Send emails before launch

Once the email addresses are obtained, you will send regular emails to your audience, trying to give them details about your project. In fact, at each important stage of your project, you will warn each member of your audience. In these emails, encourage them to follow you on Facebook and Instagram. Get on the social media that your audience uses the most. You need to regularly send emails to this audience to keep in touch with them. She must remember you when the time comes! Be yourself, share your daily life, explain behind the scenes of your business, who you are and why you got there, your joys, but also your sorrows…

Also, do not hesitate to show the progress of your project, the logo you have just chosen, the product you have just released … Your audience will feel concerned by your project and will be happy to buy from you, when the e-commerce site is opened.

Send emails on launch day, and even after

Once your site is launched, you need to email the link to your audience, remembering to mention that your offer is available for a limited time. 3 days before the end, you can restart your hearing, then again on the day of the deadline. Emergency is a good way to get people to order.

Don’t be afraid to send too many emails, those who are not happy can unsubscribe! Your email base will allow you to have your first customers. You will have to repeat your efforts, again and again, to boost your traffic and turnover. One thing that works well in the context of a dropshipping e-commerce site is to rewrite your product sheets. Your conversion rate will increase, which will also improve your positions on Google, because you will have unique content, not duplicate!

Selling on marketplaces

To get your first sales from the launch of your site, you can integrate your products on the marketplaces. However, you will need good margins, because most marketplaces take between 15 and 16% commission.

When I got started, I focused on the details. I think many young entrepreneurs make this mistake, instead of focusing on the most important: SELL! In the case of an e-commerce site creation, the main part of your work must be focused on the acquisition of traffic, in particular on natural referencing, since it can be done for free.

Be careful, SEO takes time! We will have to be patient … but the game is worth the effort! You will receive qualified and free traffic every day. Also pay attention to the quality of your products and delivery: you do not have the customer in front of you, the only contact with your customer will therefore be with the package. It’s up to you to be professional on this part!

It’s your turn !