Give visibility to your campaigns on employee emails 2020 -

Very often, emails sent by employees are not considered as potential advertising space. The first use of an email for an employee is to communicate personalized messages to their customers, prospects, partners or even suppliers.

Today, email is a company’s primary communication channel:
👉100 billion professional emails are sent around the world every day.
👉 36 emails per day. This is the volume of emails received each day per employee in England.

This first position offers great prospects in marketing. Therefore, displaying an advertisement on the emails of your employees is relevant in terms of visibility. It must fit naturally into the body of the email, to highlight both the message and the advertisement. This is what Boost My Mail offers, a marketing tool offering innovative personalization of email signatures. It guarantees a communication that is at the same time visible, engaging and non-intrusive of the company’s marketing actions. To try the solution for free for 14 days, go to this link.

The advertising space offered by the email signature

Very simply, customer relations can be improved by personalizing the email signature of your employees. An email signature says a lot about a company: it conveys its brand image. From the executive to the trainee, the email signature represents a real digital business card that can make the difference during exchanges by email. It humanizes the relationship, and allows a new use, that of communicating on news, whether external or internal.

When developing digital campaigns, we spontaneously think of sponsored content, display banners, emailings, and social networks. Employee emails are often the icing on the cake. However, the degree of trust and visibility offered by advertising on employee emails is a powerful vector of communication. The secret ? Communication is carried by the best ambassadors of your brand, your employees. Adding a banner to the email signature can increase your marketing actions. You will be able to create traffic and communicate on:

– your website,
– one of your white papers,
– your last article,
– your next event,
– your newsletter,
– your prevention campaign,
– your news,
– etc.

Promotional email signature

Sébastien H., manager of the Nantes agency Actual Systèmes, wholesaler of computer equipment, discusses the advantage of deploying the solution:

“Whereas before we distributed a newsletter per week, now we relay our news with a banner in the email signatures of our sales representatives. We realized that the majority of emails sent ended up in the trash or in spam. Whereas an email sent by one of our sales representatives is necessarily open. We have 13 salespeople who send between 50 and 100 emails per day to customers or prospects. As they cannot cover all the topics of the moment, the email banners relay the news that potentially interests their recipients. The most recurring themes are current promotions, news, and product launches. Usually on our promotional offers, we have a significant click volume, which is between 150 and 200 clicks. The best performing campaign we ran was to launch a new GDPR product. The campaign generated more than 900 clicks ”.

Personalize your email signatures to relay your internal news

No need to repeat it: the flow of information is as important internally as externally, whatever the size of the company. Email signatures therefore play a major role in informing and getting to know your employees better. Here are some ideas for your internal communication themes:
– An internal event “Save the date! »(Seminar, trade show, webinar, company anniversary, etc.),
– The arrival of a new colleague or the promotion of a colleague,
– Work in progress, etc.

Internal email signature

Use a tool to deploy your personalized email signatures

Creating and assigning a unified email signature to all your employees is not as easy as you think. Installing an email signature post by post is a real headache and consumes a lot of time. In addition, this process does not guarantee optimal display of the email signature. Using a tool is the ideal option to centralize and manage your email signatures. With Boost My Mail, a single administrator can generate a personalized email signature for all of his employees in just a few clicks. The solution makes it possible to relay communication campaigns in the format of an email banner in the signature. The UX UI of Boost My Mail is well thought out and makes it easy and quick to get started with the tool. It is compatible with Outlook and Gsuite. The icing on the cake: the solution offers a dashboard to visualize the performance of campaigns.

email signature tracking

You now have all the method to make your email signatures a new sales and internal promotion channel!

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Article written in collaboration with Boost My Mail