Google Adwords is the name of the advertising system developed by Google to offer commercial ads in search results. If managing AdWords campaigns seems simple at first, mastering all the tools, including targeting, requires professionalism. To attest to this level of professionalism Google has set up an exam: Google AdWords certification …

Principle of Google AdWords certification

The Google AdWords certification attests to the perfect knowledge of the Adwords campaign management tool, it is awarded following an in-depth examination of the program. To pass your Google AdWords certification, you must therefore know the principle and the functioning of many areas of the world of online advertising: account management, targeting of the ad format, determination of keywords, targeting. geographic, managing the budget allocated to Adwords, etc. All of these areas are divided into numerous sub-categories.

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The benefit of certification is twofold. Its success will earn you, as a company, the recognition of your talents as a company managing online advertising. In addition, this will give you access to various advantages such as strengthening the skills of your teams, highlighting said skills formalized with Google and you will have access to marketing materials to promote your promotion, especially in the directory. Adwords Specialists online.

As an individual, the Google AdWords certification offers an extensive program covering the latest tools and best practices recommended for managing online advertising. Certification exams allow you to specialize in three distinct areas:

In addition, the accreditation being recognized on a personal basis, you can claim it outside the status of your company for which you work and you are now part of the online directory of Adwords Specialists.

Course of the exam

The Google Adwords certification is a test of two minimum MCQs of more than 100 questions which must be answered within 90 minutes for each MCQ, with a success rate at least greater than 85%. Suffice to say that this is not prepared lightly, because the stakes are high knowing that the recognition of certification is recognized worldwide. Thus, many training centers offer the possibility of training on all or part of the skills required to pass the exam. Google itself offers its training services and it is possible to find tutorials on the internet intended to prepare you via this link: Google Adwords training center.

Sylvain’s note : a similar certification exists for Google Analytics, passing the two Google accreditations will be a significant advantage on your CV.