Google Analytics demo account, to learn with real data - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Earlier this month, the Google team launched a new resource for those interested in knowing how Google Analytics works, without having an account.

It is a demo account of Google Analytics that takes data from Google Merchandise Store, an e-commerce store. Among the data we will find are: traffic sources, transaction data and content data.

All users participating in this demo account will have permission to read and analyze. That is, we can see all reports, modify some data to use filters and functions, as well as create personal items and share them.

Google Analytics

If we want to try this demo account and we don’t have a Google Analytics account, we just have to log in with our Google account. An account will automatically be created, where we can access the demo.

And if we already have a Google Analytics account, then we will find the demo in the Home Page tab. And of course, we can eliminate it at any time.

It is a simple and practical option to familiarize ourselves with all the tools and functions that Google Analytics presents, analyzing real data. And if we are instructing others about the potential of Analytics, we can integrate this demo as part of the curriculum.

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Source: Wwwhatsnew