Google definitely kills Flash in Chrome - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -


We talk again about the flash format and its agonizing disappearance of our digital lives. Google has just published a kind of roadmap for Chrome, where it points to version 53, which will come out next September, from which it will begin to block those flash elements that work in the background on websites for aspects such as web analytics, an example set out by Google, claiming that this type of flash causes the web to slow down.

In addition, it also points to version 55, whose launch is scheduled for the month of December, indicating that the HTML5 experience will be available by default, except for those sites that are only compatible in Flash. In this case, when accessing the site only compatible with Flash, the user will be asked to activate it for the first visit.

Google recognizes that the Flash format marked an era serving as support to make the pages more dynamic, favoring the appearance of games, videos, and web animations, but that on the current web, where there are better technologies, Flash has no place.

In this sense, it defends HTML5 technology as a technology that offers greater security, less energy consumption and better loading times for websites. Do not forget the long history of Flash security problems, something that has given him very bad reputation among users.

Google points to continue working closely with Adobe to promote the transition to the web in HTML5. Now it is up to those responsible for websites that still use Flash to migrate to HTML5.

Source: Wwwhatsnew