Google My Business is renewed to enhance commercial connections with customers - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Google has just renewed the Google My Business application in which has been added new tools that will allow businesses to have a closer relationship with their customers and followers through searches and maps.

Among other things, business now will be able to post on their business profiles, being able to offer status updates to add events and special promotions.

Further, will have their clients and followers available through the new Clients tab, through which they will be able to track them in their profiles, being able to answer the reviews made to offer them specific promotions.

In addition, Google Maps adds the possibility of sending messages to companies directly from the application, something that until now has not been possible, having had to use other mobile messaging platforms. Similarly, businesses may offer other ways to connect with their customers.

Nor should we forget that businesses still have the ability to manage the information they offer from their business profiles, information that will be available both in searches and on maps.

This renewal comes shortly after Google Maps added the button so that users can keep track of their favorite companies and be aware of what they offer. TechCrunch sees it as an attempt to catch up with what is offered from the Pages From Facebook.

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Source: Wwwhatsnew