fundamental training referencing

Training aims

– Understand how natural referencing works
– Master the different stages of an SEO project
– Know the tools to use and monitor its results

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online training referencing This SEO training is also available in digital format

Prerequisite: Knowledge of the Internet, communication and HTML concepts.

Training plan

1. Introduction
– Market of search engines, pillars and stages of referencing.

2. The semantic audit
– Identification of keywords and tools to use.

#666699;”>Case study 1: Performing your first semantic audit

3. The key factors of technical optimization
– How the engines analyze your site
– Optimization of titles and metas
– Optimization of content, images and videos
– Optimization of site URLs
– Optimization of navigation and internal networking
– The criteria for analyzing the behavior of the user
– Optimization for mobile use
– CMS specific optimization techniques (WordPress)
– The impact of hosting and loading time
– Respect the engine guidelines
– Adapt to the next Google updates (Sources to follow)

#666699;”>Case study 2: Optimizing a page

4. Submission and monitoring of site indexing
– How to submit your site to engines
– Control the indexing of your site

#666699;”>Case study 3: Getting started with Google Search Console

5. Editorial optimization
– What is editorial optimization
– Set up an editorial charter
– How to structure an article
– Semantic consistency of content

Case study 4: Writing optimized content

6. Set up a netlinking strategy
– Engine guidelines for netlinking
– Popularity indicators
– Set up a sustainable netlinking strategy

7. Set up the follow-up of its referencing
– Set SMART goals
– Google Analytics for SEO tracking
– Set up a monitoring dashboard

Knowledge assessment in the form of a quiz

Level and public concerned

Beginners / Intermediaries. Communication manager, Communication manager, Project manager, Product manager, Entrepreneur and Freelancers.

Teaching resources

We will provide you with electronic training material and an Internet connection. Exercises and practical cases will be offered throughout the training. An evaluation at the end of the training will validate your skills. Remember to bring your laptop to better follow the practical cases.


Our trainers have several years of experience in SEO, they will pass on their knowledge to improve your visibility in search engines. Discover the presentation of our trainers.

Useful information

Approval number : 11 94 08 759 94

duration : 2 days (2 p.m.)

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Training & co’m, is a webmarketing training offer based on exchange and interactivity. Goal : improve your knowledge and be more effective in a professional context. Our training is eligible for funding, inquire to find out about your training rights. To be contacted, please click here and complete the form.

Download the training program Contact us to set up your training

online training referencing This SEO training is also available in digital format

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