Google presents new options to save searches and discover content. - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Google is launching new AI-powered options in the search engine that will make it easy to return to our old searches.

As a suggestion, Google will present collections that group similar pages that we have already visited taking into account different themes. These are based on our previous searches and queries.

So it will no longer be necessary to resort to the web history to try to find that accessory that you liked or the recipe that you forgot to save, since you can go directly to the suggested collections.

How do suggested collections work?

These are not the collections that you create manually when you want to save some content from the search results. These collections are automatically created by grouping page views related to different activities.

For example, if you are searching for recipes on Google, then you will find suggestions for collections that bring together all the food and recipe pages that you have visited lately.

These suggestions can be consulted both from the mobile web and from the Google app on Android by searching the Collections tab. At the moment, the suggested collections are only available to US users in English, but it is estimated that they will soon be available worldwide.

Options to discover content and share it

If one of the suggested collections seems practical to you then you can save it with the rest, and use the options to rename, remove items, etc. And there is a bonus in this new dynamic.

When you create a collection, Google automatically displays more similar suggestions. You just have to choose “Search more” and you will have a personalized mini search engine within the collections. This will save you a lot of time and you will have a lot of new ideas with a few simple clicks.

And the option of collaborative collections is also added. Collections are private by default, but you can share them with different contacts so that they can see the items you are adding to the collections, or to participate with their suggestions.

These last two options, shared content and collaborative collections, are now available worldwide.

Source: Wwwhatsnew