Google Removes Ads Right Right From Search Results 2020 -

We started to read it here and there on the web without believing it too much, and yet Google took action. It was done gradually, and not everyone experienced it at the same time. I didn’t notice this myself until Monday, February 22, 2016. What seemed to be only a rumor finally turned out to be true: Google removed the ads that were to the right of the search results …

What is the impact on advertisers?

The first thing that was noticed was the increase in CPCs. Competition will also prove to be ruthless, as only four advertisers will appear at the top of search results in the most commercial queries. google adwords

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So what will most certainly happen is that advertisers will have to bet everything on the quality of their Quality Score if they want their marketing campaigns to maintain a good position, while keeping their CPC average.

All is not lost for advertisers who are present on Google Shopping, because like the Google ad, ” only Google Shopping results or Knowledge Panel information can appear here “.

The right part – formerly reserved for advertisers – will therefore always be visible to customers who shop on this platform.

Thus, the impact will not be huge on your CPCs, and the sectors most affected will be “old generation” prospect sites. However, this is a very good opportunity for advertisers who will find themselves in the first pages referenced by Google Shopping!

What about the organic positioning of research results?

For the moment, nothing incredible has really affected the organic positioning. It may tend to decrease as Google grows, and this is a great opportunity for you to take a closer look at your SEO strategy than before. Competition will of course prove to be increasingly fierce. So now is the time to bring out your best cards!

Keep in mind, however, that Google is certainly not going to sabotage its own livelihood – knowing that most of its revenue comes from advertising – and that future improvements will certainly be made very soon. To tell you the truth, it’s even surprising that they waited until 2016 to take such measures.

So don’t worry: organic positioning is still just as important. Sharpen your SEO tools to be even more efficient than in 2015, because without vigilance on your part and with the recent upheavals made by Google, your traffic may not be able to recover.

Google AdWords is therefore the absolute tool to know in 2016 if you are not yet familiar with it, and I invite all critics of this revolutionary tool to review their copy. Because without this pillar of SEO, you unfortunately will not survive long!