Google smarter and more Big Data than ever! 2020 -

Did you think Google was just a simple search engine that always works the same way: keyword (1) + keyword (2) = search? Well think again, Google can be used in a very targeted way by knowing the few shortcuts to integrate into searches, and it is the Mountain View company itself which reveals these good practices in an infographic …

The search engine is taking seed, to say the least, the latter now making available to the user intuitive searches to bring out precisely what is in mind. We knew Google Now on Android for its ability to simplify with text-to-speech for example, or to offer us content without the assets sought; now small, simple codes to remember and insert directly into the search bar make the search, hitherto unchanged, evolve from ages ago to contextualized results.

A refined, personalized and contextualized search

If you don’t want to believe it, try a few very useful codes to, for example, exclude a keyword, search a site, include several search possibilities, etc. Details that facilitate and improve our daily research on the most efficient search engine.

The novelty is also data mining

Google legitimately uses the amount of information available on the web to make the search engine the ideal companion on the move. A simple search makes it possible to retrieve the schedules of the cinema in the vicinity, the program of transport, the interesting restaurants, and many other services. We can even find the tracking of a parcel sent by post via Google, without going through the postman’s site … In this regard, I advise you to read this article on Google Now innovations in French.

A series of innovations in the interest of the user, but also of the search engine which aims more than ever to centralize traffic on its services. An economic strategy assumed to improve advertising revenue on mobile in particular, keeping users on the search engine rather than referring them to third-party sites, is more exposure to sponsored results, CQFD. Google search is also in the process of being converted into a Swiss Army knife application, an application that is also becoming central to the Android system. Indeed, it works by voice command and allows access to search, as to other applications: the user sees its simplified use and web searches are diverted from browsers like Chrome or Opera, they are carried out directly via the dedicated research application.

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