Google will remove support for Chrome apps on Windows, Linux and Mac - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

The Google team today announced one of their future plans regarding Google Chrome applications.

Considering how the web has advanced in recent years and how it has changed the way users interact from the browser, they decided to no longer support Chrome applications for Windows, Linux and Mac.

As mentioned in your ad, they will eliminate the support of packaged and hosted applications, in a progressive process over the next two years. The changes will be seen later this year, as new applications will only be available for Chrome OS.

Chrome Web Store

Users who use the rest of the operating systems will see the existing applications until mid-2017. And in 2018 the support will be completely eliminated. This period of time will give developers the opportunity to look for alternatives for their applications.

Some of the suggestions that Google offers, is to take your Chrome applications to the web or switch to extensions, although they could also consider other platforms. As mentioned in VB, we will see a series of changes in the Chrome Web Store in the coming months, where attention will be focused on extensions and themes.

Source: Wwwhatsnews