Google's April Fool's Fish is also in containment 2020 Guide -

It’s a first ! Mountain View firm’s April jokes will not be released this year, according to Google marketing officials. The group’s leaders preferred to cancel the jokes in order to support those involved in the current fight against the Coronavirus…


Google will keep serious this 1er April

Wacky hoaxes, games and features won’t be news on Google this Wednesday 1er April. In an internal letter relayed by Business Insider, the marketing manager of the Lorrain Twohill group decided to “take leave of this tradition out of respect for all those who are fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic”. However, it remains optimistic, predicting a return to normal in 2021 “which will undoubtedly be much brighter than this one”.

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A legitimate decision in these times of global health crisis with the Coronavirus which has already affected more than 720,000 people in the world and has killed nearly 25,000. Faced with this complicated situation, Google wants to be only “useful for people” with serious and truthful information.

A double-edged decision

Remember, the 1er April 2019, the “fake” Google Files feature was released to supposedly allow cleaning a dirty screen while Google Tulip would have allowed to chat with the plants…

Several companies had also followed the trend. The same day, the Chinese OnePlus announced the launch of Warp Car, an electric sports car that charges in 20 minutes to travel from Paris to Lyon. La Poste also got involved in the game by ensuring that the Fortnite video game made it possible to track packages directly …

By suspending this tradition this year, Google wants at the same time to encourage other media and companies to follow the path so that no fake news or bad joke on the Covid-19 or other circulates given the current situation.