Great ideas for your Photography website - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
how-to-make-a-website-for-photographers Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, having a website with an excellent design will definitely attract new customers to your business and drive the growth of your name and your brand. Here are some ideas so you can put them into practice.

1) Generate revenue by selling your best photos

On your website you can include an online store, where you can offer your photos to the community. You can get money with them, in addition to showing the quality of your work.

Some advices !

Upload each photo as a product of the catalog

In this way you can offer each of them independently and with a price of your own. It is essential that as a “descriptive image” you upload the low definition photograph, so that the image can be glimpsed, without offering it completely.

Structure your photos to facilitate user searches

In your shopping cart you can assemble different categories and subcategories, and even place each photograph in multiple categories, so that they are found more quickly. In the example below, we include this image of the Eurocopa 2016 opening party in “Photographs of Sports Events”, in “Photographs of Europe”, and in the subcategory “Photographs of Paris”


Define your collection methods

You can offer different forms of payment such as Paypal, Mercadopago, Dineromail, Payu or bank deposit, or simply “to agree”. This last alternative can be useful if you want to include some free images within your online store, or at a symbolic price such as $ 0.01.

2) Offer your Services

Remember to load the Services section of your website, so that you are hired as a private photographer for events, parties or books. Some tips!

Seductively describe each of the services you perform

Generate an attractive text with beautiful images of each of your services. Briefly explain the scope, so that the visitor knows what it is, and contact you for more information.

Give beauty to your website

Since your business is the image, you will want to show a web of exquisite design to your visitors.

For them we recommend using the parallax effect, insert sliders with 3D transitions, or include a video background that will give your website a spectacular look.

3) Do it yourself using Clipart Templates

Having your own site with your name in the domain is something possible, and you will not need to hire an expert for it.