Grow your brand by advertising on Facebook - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
As it is known, Facebook, with its more than 2,000 million users, is an ideal platform to carry out specific marketing campaigns for various purposes of a company such as, increase your customers attracting attention to your products or services, achieve greater numbers of people who know and interact with the brand or focus on growing your online store.

From Facebook itself in its Business Help Center, they launch the following tip before the creation of the ads.

First decide what the purpose of your ad is. Do you want to sell a product? Do you want to increase the number of people visiting your store? Do you want more people to visit your website? Do you want to build more confidence? Identifying the purpose of advertising will help you create publications that produce the desired results.

Before starting, the platform asks you “What is your Marketing objective?”. These options have constant changes, some are added, and others disappear according to the results of the platform.

What has been preserved for a long time, are the 3 main categories: Recognition, Consideration and Conversion

Ad targeting as key

To fully enjoy advertising on Facebook, the first step you should take is know your target audience in detail. For this, you should not only know the age range to which they belong or geographical area where they reside, but you can perform a more polished segmentation that will undoubtedly reach people who very likely end up doing a positive action on your brand.

Select demographic data such as place, age, gender and language. Choose other factors, such as the level of training of people, if they have children, if they have recently married or even if they have property.

As you can see, Facebook knows so much about its users, that you can, for example, direct your advertising according to the level of studies, such as being all those people who are studying a university degree.

Remember that in marketing it is essential to make a correct segmentation of your campaigns to reach people who are really interested in your service or product and that it is more feasible for them to become customers.

After defining the target audience and segmenting your ads, comes the most interesting and creative part of the campaign that is design each ad in a striking way, with captivating images or multimedia files that show your product or service in a captivating way.

Facebook allows you various options to choose which one is more convenient, or you can even create several of different types, and the platform will show more times the one that gets the best results.

Later it will be time to measure the results and optimize the campaigns until reaching the proposed numbers.

There are 3 indispensable variables that you should know, among the multiple metrics that Facebook offers

  • Impressions: Number of times your ads were shown
  • Reach: Number of people who saw your ads. Keep in mind that a user may have seen advertising many times, and that is why Impressions is greater than reach.
  • Results: Number of results obtained. What is reported here will vary depending on the purpose of your campaign. For example, in a conversion campaign it could be sales in the shopping cart, and in one of scope, the amount of likes or comments obtained.

When a brand wants to do specific marketing actions, or when a professional begins to take his first steps as a consultant or entrepreneur, it is advisable to previously create a plan that also includes a budget according to what is available to spend a consistent and effective connection between resources. For example, if you decide to make paid ads with the purpose of increasing the sales of our virtual store, it is excellent to complement Facebook and Adwords.