How many competitors do you have? Definitely too much, isn’t it? Competition is not a problem if you know how to stand out …

So in a few points, this is what you should put in place (quickly, very quickly ..).
In this guide, we will see how:

  • Put yourself ahead of your competitors ;
  • Find better arguments than your competitors ;
  • Improve your brand image ;
  • Bring more visitors ;
  • Increase your sales.

And here are the best tips to apply tomorrow (#procrastination)

The table of contents –
How to successfully sell a product by standing out from the competition?

  15. TAKE A / B TESTS (C / D / E…);
  16. SURPRISE! ;

Get out of your market to learn how to sell

Selling online has its own rules and fashions, whether they are sustainable or temporary.
It is therefore difficult to constantly know what the current trends are.

To make your life easier, don’t go see what the competition is doing (at best you could only make a bad copy), but go see e-commerce at the forefront of design, technology or sales, study their techniques and methods and adapt them to your market or e-commerce site.

Get out of your online market and see what influencers are doing, integrate trends before they even become

The best of web design can be found here:

Unique and effective highlight

The way you present your products has a direct impact on your prospects and your turnover.

If many online sales sites, are content to post photos of their products ( of the even of poor quality), for stand out from your competition, do more, put what you sell.

Avoid the photos of your suppliers, already viewed 1001 times on competing sites, and try an original presentation.
Let your creativity run wild or call on creative people.

An infinite number of solutions are available to you: background color, script, models, staging, environment, situation … everything is an excuse to be different.

Integrate your products into their daily uses, put them in a situation or on the contrary, put them in an absurd situation.

Visitors are tired of the usual and are no longer satisfied with the union minimum in terms of content. They want something new, original, surprising!

And they are not the only ones… to put yourself forward with search engines, nothing like unprecedented and purely original content.

Boost the desire and the need for the product

Although this is an essential principle in marketing, it should still be adapted to purchases on the Internet.

For stimulate the desire to buy, play with what the customer might feel while using your product. Far from a simple technical presentation, know how to describe (in your product page, just like in your blog posts), how your products can become essential in everyday life, what they will bring. Make them everyday essentials!

Make your visitor imagine themselves already using your products!

Strong striking arguments

Why is this product essential? How will it simplify everyday life? How can it bring well-being or respond to an immediate need?

These are the questions you will need to answer through the presentation of your product.

As a good sales professional, take the time to develop a sales pitch detailed to make your product a must!

Used for this impactful selling points : the need, the values, the commitments of your shop, your missions, the technical arguments, the unique quality, and even the delivery times…

Make an effort and find selling points that others haven’t used.

Just dig your head, I promise, it’s worth it, and if it doesn’t come, use the e-commerce specifications here.

Become the master of photography

The first photo presented will be judged in less than a second and will guide your visitor’s opinion until the end of their visit!
Put a low quality photo, poorly framed or with poor lighting and you divide the value of your product by 10, just that.

This is unconscious, but for the visitor, the photo is linked to the product, bad photo = bad product, there is nothing you can do about it.

To sell your products on the Internet and set yourself apart from the competition, the photos of each of your products are so important thatsometimes it makes sense to hire a professional photographer to highlight your products, but here, pay attention to profitability.

To quickly know whether or not you should hire a professional photographer, here is an article which lists the necessary conditions: To sell more, bet on the photos of your e-commerce

In summary, you could hire a professional photographer if:

  • You have no knowledge in shooting; ;
  • You don’t have time to invest in it; ;
  • You have products with high added value; ;
  • You need real product enhancement;
  • You keep your products in the catalog for a long period;
  • Your products are top of the range;
  • Your products are complex to make “beautiful” in photos;
  • You are more expensive than the competition for equal product / quality. Product photos can become a particularly profitable business investment, think about it.

Of course, and even if quality must take precedence over quantity, do not hesitate to multiply the number of photos for each product to allow your visitor to know the product from all angles. (Think of the dating site effect, the more photos, the less unpleasant surprises there will be)

Get to know your products

We know, in Web marketing, details often make a difference in the face of competition.

So, where your competitors are content to present the main characteristics of their products, in a smooth and impersonal way, opt for another approach.

So don’t hesitate to present your products in detail, while slipping in the idea that you have tested it, that you use it daily, and of course, that you enjoyed it.

After all, when we want to know more about a product, we have several solutions:

By highlighting your own experience with the product, you are mixing up all of its aspects.

In the end, you will be a user, a professional, a tester and a seller. Contrary to what you might think, your opinion here will still be of great importance and will be all the more important as you choose your products with care for their enormous qualities, right?

By testing and using your own products, you will automatically put them ahead in a different way from your competitors. Your descriptions and advice will be much more precise and interesting.

With short user tips, show your customers that you are the first to use your products, a way to reassure them and convince them to order from you rather than from your competitor!

PDF of the difference

Again, this may seem like a detail, but it can make all the difference.

Including downloadable documents for anyone who wants to help build your professional credibility. You are no longer satisfied withadd and sell products online, you care to provide the right information and maximum response to your potential buyers.

They have every reason to feel reassured and confident about your products and your site. Your brand image is improved, again, you master your subject and your products, you are a caring professional and not just a salesperson.

Among the documents to be included are the instructions, technical sheets, information collections, linked white papers, user tips, brochures, etc.

Feel free to edit these documents yourself to create even more added value and improve your professional brand image. Remember to insert the source of the document … the goal is not to benefit all your competitors …

Offer downloadable documents related to your products, do not hesitate to create them yourself for more added value

Video is trendy

Each year, we find the different trends in web marketing…

In 2020 (and even more in 2021), we undoubtedly find the video! On online sales sites, the home pages of your news sites, social networks or even the blogs you follow, the video stands out as the trend media.

To stand out from the competition, boost a particularly positive brand image and establish yourself as the benchmark site, use video to showcase your products.

The one and only question to ask yourself again (and as always) is profitability. Indeed, quality video can be expensive to produce and publishing video of questionable quality can do more harm than good.

To be sure that the investment will be valid, here are some tips:

  • The products must remain in the catalog for a long time;
  • The video sublimates the product;
  • The added value / margin on the product is interesting;
  • The product sheet is sufficiently visited;
  • and / or there are many YouTube searches for this product.

Can I add videos to my e-commerce?

In 90% of cases, yes. Simply by hosting your videos on YouTube, Vimeo or others and inserting their video code in your product description.

Other benefits of video

By creating videos related to products often searched on YouTube for example, you can create a new source of visitors.

The video platform is extremely popular and visited. Inserting links to your site directly in the videos could create a significant flow of visitors, better still, these visitors will be extremely qualified.

Highlight your products with video and go further by implementing a real video acquisition strategy.

Reading minds to anticipate questions

When a customer goes to a physical store to buy a product, he can exchange with a seller as needed, ask him questions and express his doubts.

On the internet, on your online sales site, you must be able to answer all of your customers’ questions, and even more, you must anticipate and respond to them from your product description.
A full description that anticipated customer questions will minimize the doubt, which remains the biggest obstacle to buying.

Of course, you can and should set up an impeccable customer service to answer questions (chat, faqs, emails etc.), but this will always require additional and pro-active action on the part of the visitor which reduces all the more your chances of selling.

Each additional click, each additional action requested from the visitor reduces your sales, be proactive.

Including images detailing the use of your product, tables or technical characteristics are all ways to reassure and convince a visitor without the need for additional contact.

Testimonials and customer reviews (satisfied if possible)

If webmarketing has changed consumer behavior, this can be seen particularly around the influence phenomenon between prospects who are increasing tenfold, a kind of global and anonymous word of mouth.

For a similar product and equal selling prices, a customer will choose more to do their online shopping on a site with true customer reviews and testimonials (far from the false notes which some online sales sites use).

After the purchase process, invite your customers to leave an assessment, which will support your business credibility while you stand out from the competition !

Testimonials could become your best investment. Don’t miss a single one!

They are everywhere !

For sell your products online, and you stand out from the competition, you have to make your products, a fashion, a trend to follow, within your community and even more of your marketing target.

The more your community gets used to seeing your products, the more they will enter into their consumption or purchasing habits.

To do this, these products must be used by their peers, they can identify with them and they must want to follow this movement.

Make your products visible, regularly and in the right places. Social networks will be particularly effective in getting your products adopted visually and mentally.

Use social media to get your products adopted mentally. Play on different situations and address your target’s references

Become the best seller

Put a foot in the door. Sometimes the product you want to sell is not the product to promote.

If your target product is too expensive, too complex to sell, don’t hesitate to add intermediate steps. Try to sell a more accessible first product, then try a follow-up sale, a differential sale or a follow-up sale.

The complementary sale

Several ways to do it.

Put forward a product and make the sales effort on it, once put in the cart and only at that time, start the sales effort of the second product. This one may be more expensive and more difficult to sell, because a great step has already been taken by the client, he decided to buy.

The other solution consists, when possible, in breaking down your offer into several products. Sell ​​the main product then highlight all its accessories or complementary products.

Differential selling

The differential selling method consists in promoting a calling product, which is rather easy to sell because of its price. Once the visitor is interested in this product, all the effort must be put on the differential with another more expensive product.

In other words, you will sell the following message:

“Given the price difference between the two products, and given their differences in quality and characteristics, it is in your interest to buy the most expensive. “

The sale followed

The sale being followed is nothing more than active loyalty.

The first step is to buy a small product, an accessory or an affordable product. Once done, the client knows you and if everything went well, you now have their trust.

Rely on this confidence to sell the product that is actually worth selling.

As you understood,

you can just upload products and wait for them to sell, or you can use advanced marketing techniques to sell more effectively. Up to you.

Excerpt from the New Skills Sales Guide

Leverage the competition and their adwords

This time, we are not going to try to exceed the competition, but rather to exploit it to the best.

When a competitor creates an adwords, he must use his imagination to find the best keywords and catchphrases. Since Google highlights the ads that transform the most, you will most often only see the best optimized ads.

Use the catchphrases and catchphrases of these ads to highlight your products.
To highlight them, remember to fill in the Meta Description and Meta Title of each of your product sheets.

With more advanced tools, like SEMrush for example, you could go much further in analyzing and exploiting competitors’ data, but, in the state, let’s keep it simple.

Sometimes it’s better to rely on the competition not to re-invent hot water (or the wheel?).

The page that will make the difference

When a product has high added value, why not dedicate a complete web page to it?

Not just a product sheet, but directly a complete web page dedicated to this product.

Imagine that for your best products, you have a page dedicated to each one like that of Pencil Stylus for example. What would happen?

  • The perception of value of your products would increase sharply;
  • the advertised price would seem harmless alongside the perceived quality;
  • the search engines referenced your page as a reference for this product,;
  • you would increase the number of keywords referenced around your products;
  • you could pass for THE official reseller of the product;
  • you would have more room to argue and present this product;
  • this page would be much more suitable for sharing than a simple product sheet;
  • Etc.

There are obviously many arguments in favor of such a practice which can take the form of a dedicated web page as well as a dedicated blog article for example.

Of course, this will require an investment in time or money, so you will first have to check the profitability of this type of action.

A product with a dedicated web page will have a much higher perceived value and all the benefits that come with …

Do A / B tests (C / D / E…)

A / B tests can give magic results.

You created a page in a certain way, you always write with a certain method, you put the same type of title, image and description. You do it because you got into the habit of doing it, but is it the best way to do it?

You’re used to doing it a certain way, but is it really the best?

The A / B test consists in bringing part of the visitors on one page model and the other part on another page model. You could change simple details (title, how to contact the visitor, font, images, etc.) or huge changes like the page template, ordering method, button locations, graphic charter, etc…

When you collect enough data, one of the tests will normally give better results, then just generalize.

If you use Mailchimp to send your emails, you might be familiar with this feature when sending your email campaigns. They offer an A / B mode, this mode allows you to divide your audience into 2 equal parts, each of which will receive a different email.
If the differences between the two models are large enough, you should already notice that the results (opening, click or transformation rate) are remarkably different.

Sometimes change is good, sometimes … So it’s better to be certain. Test, measure, decide!


In the end, all e-commerce sites look the same and often, that’s good. The codes of the web are entered into mentalities which makes it easy to navigate (the basket, the customer account, etc.)

But then, is it possible to really stand out?
Because, let’s be honest, once the visitor leaves your e-commerce site, if something has not really marked him, there is little chance that he will remember the name of your site …

To make a difference, you should think about surprising your visitor.

Why not get out of the frames?
Why not use striking colors?
A special layout or a differentiating speech.
In the end, and depending on the profile of your buyer, you do not necessarily have to be identical to the competitors to appear serious. On the contrary, and depending on the type of product you sell, you certainly have an infinite number of possibilities to distinguish yourself.

In lack of idea? Go back to point n ° 1 or I advised you to go see the web trends outside your profession.

Admit that the title itself was enough to spark your interest and get you here … It’s the power of curiosity!

We will move on to the figures…

The last point, and perhaps the most complex, to learn to control its profitability to optimize its investments.

We had already talked about making your e-commerce profitable, but more specifically, it is the profitability of each product against each of the commercial actions that is relevant.

Clearly, the ideal is to have a clear idea of ​​the net margin generated by each product, the margin required and the cost of sale of each.

By mastering these different data, you could very well decide to invest the margin of certain products in the sale of others, to invest in certain commercial campaigns which seem to lose, but which will pay off in the long term, etc.

Better yet, you could completely “sacrifice” the margin of certain calling products to gain traffic if, as a result of those sales at a loss, you are able to sell higher-interest products.

Remember that in e-commerce as in any activity, the ultimate principle is that of profitability and that it is sometimes not where you might think.

Simply acquire more traffic than competitors

Sometimes you can tell the difference from the competition by seeing more people than them. It’s all about statistics.

The subject has already been covered, so I let you consult this article to greatly increase the traffic of your e-commerce.