Guide to take it forward! - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Infallible keys to create your website!

Guide to learn step by step

The advantages of having your own page on the internet are numerous, among them we can mention: increase the flow of clients who find you in search engines, sell online and in this way win prospects from anywhere in the world, show your projects, products or services everywhere and many more.

Also with CWT Advertising Not only will you quickly have your page online but you will be able to customize it to your liking without having to know programming codes or graphic design.

In CWT Advertising We put at your fingertips all the tips you need to take your company to the top!

1. What goal do you have for your website?

Each activity is different, and therefore the page you create must be adapted to the purpose you intend to achieve. We give you some examples to keep in mind when you are about to start your first online experience

Are you a professional who wants to show a detailed portfolio of all your works or creations? You should choose an attractive template that allows you to have a gallery of images to dazzle your viewers.

For example, “Rock’n Roll”, with a background video on the homepage that impacts visitors.

Do you have a business and want to add a shopping cart to it?

Then focus your efforts on finding the e-commerce design that best suits your tastes and business image.

2. The choice of name is very important

All sites have a domain which is what identifies them from the others. This domain must be available and it will be the one you choose. It is of vital importance because thanks to it you will mark your presence on the internet.

CWT Advertising gives you the possibility to register a domain of your choice!

Keep in mind when choosing the title that:

  • Be easy to remember
  • Do not contain words that are difficult to write or have many hyphens or numbers. Sometimes, less is more ! Look for a domain that is clear and concise.
  • Represent your brand or business as much as possible

3. Take care of the message you want to convey

If you made the decision to create your website, it is because you think it is beneficial for your business or activity. The information you share is the cornerstone of your website’s success.

Be clear about what image you want to leave your visitors and in what way you want to express them. Once you have defined what your message to the world is, let your imagination fly! To accompany you in the task, we recommend reading the article 5 tips to write the best brand content, which we publish in this blog,

4. “Usability”, a term that you should not forget

Optimize your site to the maximum using easy but engaging navigation.

This resource helps customers or visitors to quickly find what they are looking for without falling into unwanted places or irrelevant information, which are a sure reason for leaving the page. Take the opportunity to know the importance that CWT Advertising gives to a satisfactory user experience here

5. Watch your content and your calls to action.

It is important to provide your clients with quality content that is attractive and offers simple and clear solutions! Ease of reading is another fundamental aspect to take into account when setting up your page. To achieve this, you must formulate short paragraphs, with interesting titles, emphasize the image and calls to action such as: “Consult”, “See more”, “Get advice”,

If you follow these tips and dedicate yourself with passion and determination, you will surely have a website that you will love.

Us from the team CWT Advertising We will continue to give you all the support you need to have a wonderful experience and a fascinating website.